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Cerita 1st April

Pagi tadi otw pegi kerja, me & my husband were listening to johara pagi era. ada satu satu segmen khas with special guest lisa surihani & yusry kru. they were playing some sort of games (given a few question to know each other). kitorang pun saje je gatal2 take part dalam kereta. for the 1st phase, they were asking about what is the real name of their parents. surprisingly my husband pass with flying colors while me..tau nama both in law tapi x complete..huhu my bad isn't it. don't blame me coz we are not even reach 2 years of marriage.. hehehe lame excuse   for the 2nd phase, dorg tanya between both of them siapa yang akan tidur dlu. this time no doubt because my husband didnt even notice about it. me? hmm jangan cakap laa dari mula dia masuk tido sampai da bangun i could describe every single minor thing about him.. trust me, mende2 macam ni only wife would know..