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Chronology Our Own Home Sweet Home

Just for info, dulu masa dah plan untuk tunang dan kahwin, saya and my husband decide untuk beli rumah. Actually my husband insist untuk beli his own house for us. At first no need to mention la, saya nak area belah cyber/putrajaya dan dia nak area mcm cheras or something like that. Arguing pasal itu je pun yang x pernah abih. In the end saya give up sebab dia yang nak beli kan. So ikut kan je laa. Then suddenly he asked for my opinion. He said if he want to buy by his own, rasa macam loan tak lepas so he suggest to combine 2 name on it for an approval. Time ni saya agreed but i insist to choose my own area and he's ok with it.  So starting that day, masing2 pun survey nak beli yang mane. Btw more to him sbb dia yang rajin tlg cari kan and i just say yes or no. heheh.. At last kami pilih 2 option area yang dlm our consideration in term of price, developer, square feet and macam2 lagi la.. Satu dekat area cyber and satu lagi dekat area putrajaya. Malam tu discuss and esok nya trus m…