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Today as usual masuk forum yang selalu masuk tu
Then bila baca komen2 yang lain masing2 announce good news
Happy for them but at the same time..
Deep down inside i feel.. DOWN

Last time when i felt down with the same reason
I cried so hard because maybe selama ni saya senyum and said i'm fine.. i'm smile.. i'm OK
That was the first time saya nangis semahu mahu nya
Kept telling myself Allah had better plan for me..

And this time, saya rasa yang sama but managed to handle it..
Masih lagi mengalir air mata tapi tidak seteruk yang dulu..
My husband keep telling me, it's ok
He will hugging me and told me it's ok.. yang still syg syg
I can't see my mak's face
i can't hear ibu's voice
I feel like i was disappointing them
Because i knew they pray for us so hard

No matter whatever reason
Saya perlu bangkit dan enjoy my life to the fullest
Because i was be surrounding with the people that love me with unconditional
Allah had better plan for me and my husband

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