dirty urine

last 2 weeks, saya diserang sakit pinggang dekat area usus. i thought sakit usus yang normally saya selalu kena tu but then it kind of weird bila sakit tu berpanjangan almost a week. the day i need to go for a presentation,i was in pain and need to lay back to my bed. luckily my colleague ade untuk gantikan saya. during that time, saya rasa makin sakit plak. i told my husband and he said he need to settle for a few things then he would go back home for me. erkk memang dia kena balik because i was in so much pain as i need to go clinic for a checkup. risau sekarang ni macam2 penyakit. after doc dah check, i was diagnosed as kencing kotor. doc kasi antibiotik and pain killer for me. but i didnt satisfied enough sebab dia macam in a rush bile check tu. ohh btw doctor ni doctor perempuan ye..

saya terpakse MC for 2 days sebab macam sakit pinggang tu still there. bila makan pain killer ok la.but then bila x makan still rasa sakit. so on the 3rd day, i asked my husband to send me to another clinic.this time doctor lelaki indian and i feel calm when he checked on me. still masih lagi kencing kotor and he give me another antibiotic. he will explain in a very details when i had a doubt. he talked to me and my husband nicely. and i like him. thank you doctor. dia bagi antibiotic yg lagi strong, ubat for kencing lawas and pain killer. basically kencing kotor ni ada kaitan dengan kebersihan. whether kita punya panties x berapa bersih or kita pegi public toilet yang kotor. one more thing he asked me to drink a lot of water so that infection will go out with kita punya air kencing. at least 3 botol  1500ml mineral for a day. 

as of today, i'm still struggling untuk habiskan 2 botol mineral di atas. wish me luck !

btw during the weekend, there are a few things that kind of attract me. no worries saya akan cite for the next entry. lately ni makin rajin plak berblogging.. i don't know why maybe tak berapa busy and mood blog tu da datang balik and actually i'm glad with it.


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