l can’t believe I am updating my blog currently. Ok too much awkward. Kekok sangat da nak menulis di sini. But honestly deep down inside of me, I missed my blog. I do, really.

First of all, I was not going anywhere. I am still here and still breathing. Alhamdulillah!

It’s been 8 month this troublesome blog being neglected by me. So what’s new? Hurm..  Nothing much to add here as I would conclude life is getting too much hectic lately. Busy with what?  SAYA PUN TAK TAHU ! HEHEHE

By the way there's something I'd like to share..
  • When you are tired and without courage with failed efforts,Allah knows how much you gave effort 

  • When you cry a lot and your heart feel sad, Allah is counting your tears.
  • When you feel that life has finished for you, and that time has passed before you, Allah is with you.
  • When you feel lonely and you friends are too busy to call you even once, Allah is with you.
  • When you think that you have tried everything and you do not know of who to ask help, Allah has solution.
  • When nothing seems to have sense and when you feel angry, Allah has answer on everything.
  • When your gaze suddenly become clearer,and you are finding the marks of hopes, Allah had Mercy on you. 

All thank be to You Allah on everything 



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