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RSS we come ! !

Last week tgh duk tgk tv sambil merilex kan diri di rumah, ttb dpt call from ayah.

ayah : nak ikut pegi genting tak esok?
me : huh..pegi genting?buat pe .. [ suddenly im blur]
ayah : kalo nak main judi bleh gak..
me : [ gelak gile and trus laa ckp ] N A K ! ! !
ayah : ok..kitorg still kt muar ni..nnt mlm kitorang amik..bertolak pagi2 esok from rumah k long
me : aite2..roger n out..

then mlm tuh diorng pick me from cyber and bermlm di rumah k long..esoknye subuh2 lagi mak da kejut suruh bgn..haih..msg2 punye laa liat gile nak bgn..bile sume da siap kitorang bertolak dr rumah klong kul 9 and sampai genting dlm pukul 11 kalo x silap laa. smpai jek kt sane im just like "a a a a a " over excited kejap sbb da lame gile kot tak pegi sane. last pegi genting rs nye masa tuh aku still in form 2. huh..main mcm da x ingat laa..dari games yang bahaya ke games yang bdk kecik naik train pun aku yang rs bangga kt diri sendiri pun ade gak cuz for the 1st time aku ngan adik aku main solero shot..nak tau solero tu mcm mane??mcm ni..

boleh imagine tak yang aku ade kat atas tu.huh..even rite now im still thinking that it was dream..but its not..aku mmg betul2 naik solero tuh..masa kat atas tuh aku baca bismillah mcm x ingat rr..once dia turun ke bwh..gile siot..jerit mmg x ingat mcm nak tercabut anak tekak ni.. told segala isi perut ni mcm nak terkeluar pun ade..cant believe it at 1st..but i did it!!haha..selain solero ni byk lagi laa yang kitorang main..antaranye ...

the spinner :: monorail ride :: cyclone

it was awesome guys, not forgetting most extreme thing i've ever done in my life. lots of fun and i truly enjoyed myself. nak tau x kitorang blk kul bape?? kul 9 mlm!!!..haha..mmg betul2 cipta record and my crazy family..but i still love it..haha..

having sweet potatoes on a rainy day =P


l can’t believe I am updating my blog currently. Ok too much awkward. Kekok sangat da nak menulis di sini. But honestly deep down inside of me, I missed my blog. I do, really.

First of all, I was not going anywhere. I am still here and still breathing. Alhamdulillah!

It’s been 8 month this troublesome blog being neglected by me. So what’s new? Hurm..  Nothing much to add here as I would conclude life is getting too much hectic lately. Busy with what?  SAYA PUN TAK TAHU ! HEHEHE

By the way there's something I'd like to share..
  • When you are tired and without courage with failed efforts,Allah knows how much you gave effort 

  • When you cry a lot and your heart feel sad, Allah is counting your tears.
  • When you feel that life has finished for you, and that time has passed before you, Allah is with you.
  • When you feel lonely and you friends are too busy to call you even once, Allah is with you.
  • When you think that you have tried everything and you do not know of who to ask help, Allah has solution.
  • When nothing seems to have sense and when you feel angry, Allah has answer on everything.
  • When your gaze suddenly become clearer,and you are finding the marks of hopes, Allah had Mercy on you. 

All thank be to You Allah on everything