Fireproof ~

Yesterday i was watching this kind of movie


this movie is about this married couple, Caleb and Catherine having a crisis in the
ir marriage and they decided to divorce. But then, Caleb's father, John, requested Caleb to delays their separation process for forty days. The next day John send his diary to Caleb which is called "The Love Dare". This diary content 40 steps to make them love each other again. One step for one day. Catherine didnt know about it at all. At first Caleb not very 'in' to it. He just only want to full fill his father's request. But then on half of the day he realized something. He still continue doing all the step even though it's already day 43.

there are some of the part that kind of make me "think"

Part 1

John : Are you reading everything on each page?

Caleb : You mean the Bible verses at the bottom of it ? No, im not Dad. I told you that is not what i need.

John : And what do you need ?

Caleb : I need Catherine to wake up to the fact that we are about to get a divorce. And im trying to prevent that but i cannot do it by myself.

John : That may be true but i think you need more than that.

Caleb : Dad, if you're gonna tell me i need God, please don't. I don't need a crutch to get through life.

John : Oh son. God is much more than a crutch. HE's become the most significant part of our lives

Caleb : Dad, why do you keep saying that ? HE's the most significant part? How is that ?

John : When i realized who i was and who HE was.. i realized my need for HIM. I need HIS forgiveness and salvation

Caleb : See, i dont understand that. Why do i need HIS salvation? What, am i gonna be thrown into hell. For what? Because i got divorced?

John : No. Because you violated HIS standards.

Caleb : What? Thou shall not kill? Dad, i help people. I am a good person.

John : According to you. But God's doesn't judge by your standards. HE uses HIS.

Caleb : And what are HIS ?

John : Well, truth.

Caleb : Ok

John : Love

Caleb : I'm honest.

John : Faithfullness.

Caleb : I care about people. I am those things.

John : Sometimes. But have you love God, the one who gave you life ? HIS standards are so high, HE consideres hatred to be murder... and lust to be adultery.

Caleb : Dad, what about all the good i've done?

John : Son, saving someone from a fire does not make you right with God. You've broken HIS commandments. And one day you'll answer to HIM for that.

John : Caleb, if i ask you why you're so frustrated with Catherine..what would you say?

Caleb : She's stubborn. She makes everything difficult for me. She's ungrateful. She's constantly gripping about something.

John : Has she thanked you the last 20 days?

Caleb : NO! And you'd think after i washed the car.. i've changed the oil, do the dishes, clean the house .. that she would try to show me a little bit of gratitude. Well, she doesnt. In fact when i come home she makes me feel like i'm an enemy. I'm not even welcome in my own home, Dad. That is what really ticks me off. Dad, for the last 3 weeks, i have bent over backwards for her. I have tried to demonstrate that i still care about this relationship. i bought her flower, which she threw away. I have taken her insults and her sarcasm, but last night was it. i made dinner for her. i did everything i could demonstrate that i care about her, to show value for her .. and she spat in my face. She does not deserve this, Dad. I am not doing it anymore. How am i supposed to show love to somebody over and over and over .. who constantly rejects me ?

John : That's a good question !

Caleb : (He looks at his dad for about 2-3 sec thinking..confused). Dad, that is not what i am doing?

John : Isnt it?

Caleb : No..Dad, that is not what this is about

John : Son, you just asked me : How can someone show love over and over again when they're constantly rejected? Caleb, the answer is : You cant love her because you cant give her what you don't have. I couldnt truely love your mother till i understood what love really was. It's not because i get some reward out of it. I've now made a decision to love your mother whether she deserve it or not. Son, God loves you even though you dont deserve it. Even though you've rejected HIM. Spat in HIS face

~~ Wonderful message isnt it. I really love that part. ohh..and another one part that also caught me in..

PART 2 : Catherine got a fever

Caleb : Can u sti up for me ? (Touched her face) .You got a fever .

Catherine : (Keep silence)

Caleb : Here. You think you can take this (medicine)?

Catherine : (Staring at Caleb and still continuely silence). Why are you doint this ?

Caleb : I have learned you never leave your partner . . especially in fire.

Catherine : Caleb, what's happened to you ?

Caleb : Dad ask me if there was anything in me that wanted to save our marriage. And then he gave me something. hurm..i could let you read it.

Catherine : (Show the book). Was it this ?

Caleb : How long have you known ?

Catherine : I found it yesterday. So what day are you on ?

Caleb : Erm..forty three?

Catherine : There's only forty

Caleb : Who says i have to stop ?

~~ *smilling* Great movie with full of contents . . and what say you ?


~rukia_kuchiki said…
menarek..!!! terkesan sungguh.

Jangan kecil hati jika kita tidak dihargai. Kita hamba yg lemah ni pon mudah tersinggung jika tidak dipedulikan.

Sifat ar-rahman, ar-rahim, dan as-samad yang ada pada Sang Pencipta menjadikan Dia tidak putus2 mengurniakan rahmat walaupun tidak dihargai/dilupakan/lalai oleh sang hamba iaitu kita.

on the other hand, ima rasa Caleb sgt sweeettt.. ^^

p/s : nak tgk jugak..!!
p/s/s : dh smpai ke parcel?
SundaeCone said…
glad to know that there is someone who notice what the entry was all about..*smilling*

p/s: kalo da tgk cite ni inform akak ek..*wink*
Hantu Ulam said…
bgs betul...full of messages ;)

ni rs nk tgk jugak ni..:D
zangguras said…
weih ang bila nak blanja aku tgk wayang? hehehehe... dekut aa cik ana nih.. :))
SundaeCone said…
juju - ehe..ko kene tgk cite ni weh..bagus utk alam rumah tangga. ahaha..~

hadi - erk..aku pn jrg tgk wyg cane aku nk banje ko.ehehe..~

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