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Fireproof ~

Yesterday i was watching this kind of movie


this movie is about this married couple, Caleb and Catherine having a crisis in their marriage and they decided to divorce. But then, Caleb's father, John, requested Caleb to delays their separation process for forty days. The next day John send his diary to Caleb which is called "The Love Dare". This diary content 40 steps to make them love each other again. One step for one day. Catherine didnt know about it at all. At first Caleb not very 'in' to it. He just only want to full fill his father's request. But then on half of the day he realized something. He still continue doing all the step even though it's already day 43.

there are some of the part that kind of make me "think"

Part 1
John : Are you reading everything on each page?

Caleb : You mean the Bible verses at the bottom of it ? No, im not Dad. I told you that is not what i need.

John : And what do you need ?

Caleb : I need Catherine to wa…