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Pagi yang Gelap ..

. . kini sudah terang

how 2011 treated you so far ?



2 in 1

I’m coming home

I’m coming home

Tell the World I’m coming home

Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday

It just takes some time

Little girl you're in the middle of the ride

Everything will be just fine

Everything will be alright

it is just nice when 2 song we'll put it together



3 years back

tok imam ? kangaroo idup ?
somehow i missed the old days
the four of us
but that was the past and now is the current


nice song and clip isnt it ?

i'm so addicted with dashboard confessional right now !



i'm not sure on what to write actually. at first i wanna write about my vacation at south korea but when i open my blogspot account and click on the new post it turn out to be blank. yeah i'm stuck. i have no idea how am going to start writing about it. *saya sangat tidak suke*. and then i found something kind of attract me.

Pick the month you were born:

January-------I kicked

February------I loved
March--------I karate chopped
April----------I licked

May----------I jumped on
June----------I smelled
July-----------I did the Macarena With

August--------I had lunch with
September----I danced with
October-------I sang to
November-----I yelled at

December-----I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

1-------a birdbath
2-------a monster
3-------a phone
4-------a fork
5-------a snowman
6-------a gangster
7-------my mobile phone
8-------my dog
9-------my best friends' boyfriend

10-------my neighbour

11-------my science teacher
12 -------a banana
13-------a fireman

14-------a stuffed animal

15-------a goat

16-------a pickle

17-------your mom

18-------a spoon

19------ - a smurf

20-------a baseball bat
21-------a ninja
ck Norris
23-------a noodle

24-------a squirrel

25-------a football player

26-------my sister

27-------my brother
28-------an iPod
29-------a surfer

30-------a homeless guy

31-------a llama

What is the last number of the year you were born:
1--------- In my car

2 --------- On your car

3 ----------- In a hole
4 ----------- Under your bed
5 ----------- Riding a Motorcycle
6 --------- sliding down a hill
7 --------- in an elevator
8---------- at the dinner table
9 -------- In line at the bank

0 -------- in your bathroom

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White---------because I'm cool like that
Black---------because that's how I roll.
Pink-----------because I'm NOT crazy.

Red-----------because the voices told me to.
Blue-----------because I'm sexy and I do what I want
Green---------because I think I need some serious help.

Purple---------because I'm AWESOME!

Big Bird said to and he's my leader.
Yellow--------because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange--------because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway.
Brown---------because I can.

Other----------because I'm a Ninja!
None----------because I can't control myself

mine :
I danced with a fork Under your bed because I think I need some serious help.

ahaha..bongek ! so how about yours ? come and try it because somehow this kind of games much much more interesting than 24 hours with the coding



ouch !

. . there you go . .

but as usual

me ?

was maintain cool


new year

starting of year 2011

damn tired

need some rest

cant wait for april then