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birthday blast

Thanks to all the people who celebrated with me . To my lovely office mate team, you got me this time. i am totally didn't expect it would turn out that way but it was awesome .

Thanks to my families. I luv them forever . .
Thanks to all the SMS wishes although i'm quite late to reply it
Thanks to all the Facebook wishes

Currently i'm listening to the 'green' and i luv it.


Anonymous said...

haha..26thn dh umur ko..p its just a number..~~..(",)v

SundaeCone said...

tp still mcm bdk sekolah lg..ahah

Anonymous said...

that`s why aku ckp..its just a number..xder efect kat ko...sebab ko g klinik pun..doc pun tak caya ko dh keje..heE.~~~(",)v