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the ugly truth

the guy
yeah, it is scary. it's terrifying.
especially when i'm in love with a psycho like u

the girl
i'm not a psycho !

the guy
i just told you that i loved you and all you heard was "psycho"
you're the definition of neurotic

the girl
the definition of neurotic is a person who suffers from anxiety, obsessive thought, compulsive acts ... without any objective evidence of ..

the guy
shut up !!
yet again
i just told you i'm in love with you
and you're standing here giving me a vocabulary lesson

ahahahahahah... i'm just enjoying the show =))


saya memang seorang yang memenatkan

thanks to you

birthday blast

Thanks to all the people who celebrated with me . To my lovely office mate team, you got me this time. i am totally didn't expect it would turn out that way but it was awesome .

Thanks to my families. I luv them forever . .
Thanks to all the SMS wishes although i'm quite late to reply it
Thanks to all the Facebook wishes

Currently i'm listening to the 'green' and i luv it.

i'm back again but ...

monday - mad as a hell

tuesday - slowly coming out of it

wednesday - but not quite there, so watch it !

thursday - the end of the work week is in sight

friday & saturday - luv my saturday !

sunday afternoon - oh-oh!

sunday night - here we go

i'm not happy working here anymore ... mmm ..:|

jangan menyerah ~

tak ada manusia yang terlahir sempurna jangan kau sesali segala yang telah terjadi
kita pasti pernah dapatkan cobaan yang berat seakan hidup ini tak ada artinya lagi
syukuri apa yang ada hidup adalah anugerah tetap jalani hidup ini melakukan yang terbaik
tak ada manusia yang terlahir sempurna jangan kau sesali segala yang telah terjadi
Tuhan pasti kan menunjukkan kebesaran dan kuasanya bagi hambanya yang sabar dan tak kenal putus asa
~ i would like to dedicate this song tothisperson. stay strong !