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listen to this
sorry for the audio nk wat cane record using hp je eheh please enjoy !
artist : AA201 song : find
artist : AA201 song : snow prince ahaha...siyes mmg xde keje. erk ok the artist name should be pronounce as Double A two o one. new group from cyberjaya. wahaha gilerr obses betul kt SS501. uhuh..btw nk tgk x sape sbnrnye AA201 ni ? yeah check it out . . * DRUMROLL * . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . .
. . .
. .

ahahahah . . x thn tuh ! ! ni laa cover album AA201 sila laa dpt kn di pasaran yg berdekatan btw album ni dijual di jeju island owh sgt2 limited hanya ade satu album shj *erk statement x hingat* hak milik tercipta no no pirates2 or copy right *wink*

when 3 gurls meeting ~

im only get back from my hometown 2 days later. when i was there i feel free. no need to think bout my job. no need to think about everything. and plus berat bdn aku bertambah. 1.5kg in 3 days. caya lah ~happy happy and happy. but then . .

my nightmare is come. dtg jek keje there are bunch of email need to read. there are bunch of work need to do. there are bunch of problem need to solve. mind got stuck.when my mind got stuck, im starting doing the things that im not neccesary do rite now. buat marathon movie on that nite. starting wif the lion king. the 1st disney movie yg aku tgk. even da tgk smpai 88 kali but still i like it. FRIENDS series from season 1 until 10. aku gelak mmg x hingat . .hurm suddenly feel blur. need to stop here and to be continue . .

continue from the yesterday. hurm where am i? aah abai kan . .

ok im totally exhausted. series keje mcm nk pengsan. but there is one things happen today. as usual im going back at 5.30 sharp even there are much of pending problem need…

diffirent type of emotion

this morning
when i was busy checking my email

suddenly i received one mail that
makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time.
need to talk to someone but seems like everybody was busy
cannot blame on that