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tirai af7

this is one of the becoming student for af7
dun forget to vote for her
chaiyok Q I S !!

ada apa dgn a n o d ?

a n o d

name that given by naz, the pengantinesss . . hahaha
btw she's the one who start calling me anod. i still remember that time when we were in form 4. haha mentang2 ler study kimia abih sume ko nak implement kn kt real life ek ? uhuh . . anyways that name still lekat till now. but only my schoolmate just call me that.

just wanna wish S e L a M a T P e N g A n T i N B a R u to my dearest fren, cikgu Nas. At last kawin gak ko ngan bdk yg ko minat time sekolah dlu weh. x sia2 usaha ko selama ni. hahaha. .

time ni baru laa dpt jumpe blk member2 sekolah. but then i'm a bit frust cuz x sempat jumpe our classroom teacher, Cikgu Bakyah. for the 1st time i called her phone and surprisingly she still remember me ! yg lawaknye . .

her : awk ngajar kt mane skrg ni ?
me : eh saya x ngajar. saya x jadi cikgu . . saye jd org lain . . eh saya keje lain . . [ gilerr ayat bm aku berterabur, pdhal tgh sembang ngan cikgu bm tuh . . muahahaha]

tuh laa kalo da gelabah. . the end she gives me this msg . .

Ok. Take Care. Good Luck. Sronok dpt jumpe anak2 smla. Jgn lpa jmpt cikgu bla mkn nasi myak ok. Keje dgn baik !

sob . . sob . . uhuhu

others :-

nas - ko maintain kecik cam dlu. x berubah . .
jaja - aaannnooodddd . . !!
helmi - weh ko da lain aa. tgk aku td bkn nak tegur. siot aa ko da sombong . .
jakpo - anod ko sombong siot kt u. bkn nak tegur aku. wat bodo jek . .

hahahahha..mcm2 comment yg aku dpt. opss aku bkn sumbong daa. im just a bit shy2 only. . uhuh. . watever it is im happy cuz at last i can meet them again after all . .

p/s : the rest of the pic i will upload it later . .