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tony roma's

fries = all the users yg sgt le sengal
burger = re-engineering, multiply tahap seksa tuh dgn 10 kuasa 13
salad = mmc system, sebut pn da nk muntah hijau
so which part that i need to eat first ? ! ?
saya . SANGAT . penat===========================
*updated (during the training JAVA)*
Yesterday i made a BIG mistake
i simply delete one of the data from the database
and i didnt even check before detele it
. . arrrggghhh . .
hailoh what is wrong with me ?!


~aramisz ``^_^ said...

how bout the spread..? aint its sweet?? agagaga (sbb tau hang x makan benda tuh)

Apple Cute said...

mesti ko makan sampai licin...hehehe ;)

~rukia_kuchiki said...

nmpk sedap^^ nyum-nyum

SundaeCone said...

ara - hehe tau xpe..=P

ayu - erk..ko stalker aku ek time tuh..ahah..

ima - uhu.. ok laa not time nk try steak plak..=)