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tony roma's

fries = all the users yg sgt le sengal burger = re-engineering, multiply tahap seksa tuh dgn 10 kuasa 13 salad = mmc system, sebut pn da nk muntah hijau
so which part that i need to eat first ? ! ?
saya . SANGAT . penat===========================
*updated (during the training JAVA)* Yesterday i made a BIG mistake i simply delete one of the data from the database and i didnt even check before detele it . . arrrggghhh . . hailoh what is wrong with me ?!

1st and last

once and for all congratulation for both of you wish you guys well for the future to love, life, laughter and happily ever after
~ fazdil and lisa ~

to be honest i think this is the first and the last time for me being a bridesmaid. cuak ok but a good experience for me !! da le aku ni type yang gelabah bin kelam kabut. (just look at juju's wedding). ahaha cant imagine that. actually takde laa scary sgt pun.ok laa so far. but luckily nothing much happened. the ceremony is going well and smoothly. *smug*the bridesmaid begitu tegar melaksanakan tugasnyawahahaha