Since I was a kid, I never planned what my life going to be. What I’m going to do? When I want to achieve? .. Basically I just go with the flow. Sometimes there are certain things that I want, but in the end it is totally different with what I’d planned. This is what we called life.

When I was in secondary school, one of my teacher asking me where I’m going to further my studies after this. Straightly said “saya nak masuk MMU”. But to be honest I never thought of it. I’ve just said what was in my mind at that moment. I don’t even imagine what MMU was look alike. When I’m having my SPM in hospital, my self confidence is totally drop into negative infinity. I thought that my future would be gone. Credit to my family because always bear with me no matter what.

When I want to filled up MMU form application, I just simply tick what I think it is suitable for me. The main reason I choose Alpha IT is because there is no other option for me. I don’t think I’m capable to take engineering and I have no interest in management. Actually I’d thought of creative multimedia course but when I’m thinking again I was not super creative at all. So the best option is IT which I never thought of what the course is all about. I even think to take diploma at first instead of going straight to the degree. But again credit to my parents because they always believe in me. They said I need to try it first. No harm of trying. It is ok if I failed but at least I had tried. Believe it or not I managed to finish my studies on time without having any difficulty. Alhamdulillah!

Same thing goes happen when I had graduated from there. During my final year, I still can’t decide what is exactly that I want. I think most probably I will duduk-senang-lenang-sambil-tanam-anggur di rumah. But thank you Allah for showing me that I’m wrong. I’m not saying that my life was easier run smoothly. I had my own rough time too same like the others. Alhamdulillah I managed to solve it with the help of the others.

Like I have mention earlier, I never planned what is the next for me. I don’t want to plan because I’m afraid that it will not achieve. I don’t want to get hurt if I didn’t manage to get it. And I know this is wrong. I’m still in the middle of learning to improve myself to be a better person in the future.

i am in the middle of thinking something big issue here and i don't know what i'm going to do. hmm..back to the basic. Turn to Him. He knows what is the best for us. :)
p/s: until now i still cant believe i had my own car ...(^_^)


Anonymous said…
huhu..ana dah de keta dah skang..
dah maju dah..bagus2...and important is that car is Perodua heE~~~..its my pleasure that u drive that car because i got sick nak handle kerenah org2 Perodua dulu dan skang..p kalau de prob dont blame me ok..huhu..~~~neway back to ur posting..erm..actualy the same thing hapen kat aku....x pernah merancang dan tak pernah tuk terpikir tuk jadi apa...nak study di mana...and just doing what i want to do..even skang pun still blur what i want to do for next life...but the very important is never stop to igt dan berdoa pada yg di ATAS and ibu bapa is the best kaunselor yg kita ada dlm hidup ini...diorang la pemangkin tue aku terus berusaha memajukan diri setelah mengalami zaman kegelapan dulu..~~~~pergh aku dah over limit sorry...terlebih semangat plak..heE.~~~lastly semoga kehidupan anda di masa hadapan akan sentiasa diberkati oleh yg maha ESA insyallah..~~~
~iLL3$t~ said…

hehhe soryyla aritu ko msg yg ko g alamnada tu aku sgtla superb bz.. sepupu aku kawen..huhuh .. anyway bile lagi ko nk aku jd driving instructor ko? apa2 pun msg ek.. and lastly......

~selamat berfikir~
aJLeaa said…
bangga aku jadi org bukan family yang rasmi kete ko hehehe....
zangguras said…
waaa.. cik ana dah ada kete.. bila ang nak bawak aku pun ronda2 naik keterrrr barrruuu tuuuuu.. :D

dont want to plan? aiyyooo.. dont like that laa.. at least plan a little ahead.. so you wont lost in ur life..

"I’m still in the middle of learning to improve myself to be a better person in the future." thats the plan for u.. wekekekeke..

p/s : syioknya depa ada keter baru!!!
~rukia_kuchiki said…
when we hope for something good, Allah swt always give us something better...alhamdulillah
Allah knows what's best for us.

bunyi cam ssh hati..nape? ym la ye, manala tau ima dpt bantu mengurangkan beban di hati kak ana.. *smile

p/s: beli keta x btau...!!! x aci!!
papepon, congrats ye, akhirnye dpt gak memiliki keta hasil usaha sendri. ^^

p/s/s: hmm..bila la ima dpt naik keta tu ye? hehe
Anonymous said…
hahahhah.....ana mangkuk

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