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Since I was a kid, I never planned what my life going to be. What I’m going to do? When I want to achieve? .. Basically I just go with the flow. Sometimes there are certain things that I want, but in the end it is totally different with what I’d planned. This is what we called life.

When I was in secondary school, one of my teacher asking me where I’m going to further my studies after this. Straightly said “saya nak masuk MMU”. But to be honest I never thought of it. I’ve just said what was in my mind at that moment. I don’t even imagine what MMU was look alike. When I’m having my SPM in hospital, my self confidence is totally drop into negative infinity. I thought that my future would be gone. Credit to my family because always bear with me no matter what.

When I want to filled up MMU form application, I just simply tick what I think it is suitable for me. The main reason I choose Alpha IT is because there is no other option for me. I don’t think I’m capable to take engineering and I have no interest in management. Actually I’d thought of creative multimedia course but when I’m thinking again I was not super creative at all. So the best option is IT which I never thought of what the course is all about. I even think to take diploma at first instead of going straight to the degree. But again credit to my parents because they always believe in me. They said I need to try it first. No harm of trying. It is ok if I failed but at least I had tried. Believe it or not I managed to finish my studies on time without having any difficulty. Alhamdulillah!

Same thing goes happen when I had graduated from there. During my final year, I still can’t decide what is exactly that I want. I think most probably I will duduk-senang-lenang-sambil-tanam-anggur di rumah. But thank you Allah for showing me that I’m wrong. I’m not saying that my life was easier run smoothly. I had my own rough time too same like the others. Alhamdulillah I managed to solve it with the help of the others.

Like I have mention earlier, I never planned what is the next for me. I don’t want to plan because I’m afraid that it will not achieve. I don’t want to get hurt if I didn’t manage to get it. And I know this is wrong. I’m still in the middle of learning to improve myself to be a better person in the future.

i am in the middle of thinking something big issue here and i don't know what i'm going to do. hmm..back to the basic. Turn to Him. He knows what is the best for us. :)
p/s: until now i still cant believe i had my own car ...(^_^)