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i'm not happy
i'm pretend to be okay

the ugly truth

the guy
yeah, it is scary. it's terrifying.
especially when i'm in love with a psycho like u

the girl
i'm not a psycho !

the guy
i just told you that i loved you and all you heard was "psycho"
you're the definition of neurotic

the girl
the definition of neurotic is a person who suffers from anxiety, obsessive thought, compulsive acts ... without any objective evidence of ..

the guy
shut up !!
yet again

i just told you i'm in love with you
and you're standing here giving me a vocabulary lesson

ahahahahahah... i'm just enjoying the show =))



saya memang seorang yang memenatkan

thanks to you

birthday blast

Thanks to all the people who celebrated with me . To my lovely office mate team, you got me this time. i am totally didn't expect it would turn out that way but it was awesome .

Thanks to my families. I luv them forever . .
Thanks to all the SMS wishes although i'm quite late to reply it
Thanks to all the Facebook wishes

Currently i'm listening to the 'green' and i luv it.


i'm back again but ...

monday - mad as a hell

tuesday - slowly coming out of it

wednesday - but not quite there, so watch it !

thursday - the end of the work week is in sight

friday & saturday - luv my saturday !

sunday afternoon - oh-oh!

sunday night - here we go

i'm not happy working here anymore ... mmm ..


jangan menyerah ~

tak ada manusia
yang terlahir sempurna
jangan kau sesali
segala yang telah terjadi

kita pasti pernah
dapatkan cobaan yang berat
seakan hidup ini
tak ada artinya lagi

syukuri apa yang ada
hidup adalah anugerah
tetap jalani hidup ini
melakukan yang terbaik

tak ada manusia
yang terlahir sempurna
jangan kau sesali
segala yang telah terjadi

Tuhan pasti kan menunjukkan
kebesaran dan kuasanya
bagi hambanya yang sabar
dan tak kenal putus asa

~ i would like to dedicate this song to this person . stay strong !


listen to this

sorry for the audio
nk wat cane record using hp je
please enjoy !

artist : AA201
song : find

artist : AA201
song : snow prince
ahaha...siyes mmg xde keje. erk ok the artist name should be pronounce as Double A two o one. new group from cyberjaya. wahaha gilerr obses betul kt SS501. uhuh..btw nk tgk x sape sbnrnye AA201 ni ? yeah check it out . .
. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . .

. . . . .

. . .

. .

ahahahah . . x thn tuh ! !
ni laa cover album AA201
sila laa dpt kn di pasaran yg berdekatan
btw album ni dijual di jeju island
owh sgt2 limited
hanya ade satu album shj
*erk statement x hingat*
hak milik tercipta
no no pirates2 or copy right

when 3 gurls meeting ~

im only get back from my hometown 2 days later. when i was there i feel free. no need to think bout my job. no need to think about everything. and plus berat bdn aku bertambah. 1.5kg in 3 days. caya lah ~happy happy and happy. but then . .

my nightmare is come. dtg jek keje there are bunch of email need to read. there are bunch of work need to do. there are bunch of problem need to solve. mind got stuck. when my mind got stuck, im starting doing the things that im not neccesary do rite now. buat marathon movie on that nite. starting wif the lion king. the 1st disney movie yg aku tgk. even da tgk smpai 88 kali but still i like it. FRIENDS series from season 1 until 10. aku gelak mmg x hingat . .hurm suddenly feel blur. need to stop here and to be continue . .

continue from the yesterday. hurm where am i? aah abai kan . .

ok im totally exhausted. series keje mcm nk pengsan. but there is one things happen today. as usual im going back at 5.30 sharp even there are much of pending problem need to look. huh like i care? pinar daa mata tgk monitor ni haa. can u imagine aku siap search kt youtube tgk sindarella before im going back. tuh mmg da terlebih sudah. tuh mmg tahap guwe.sgt.tension.

then at nite ed come to my house for her laundry. ape lagi pada pukul 7.45 pm makanya sesi luahan hati perasaan pun bermula. starting wif me..ed then maa pn join pakatan skali. dialog2 yang kedengaran di situ adalah seperti . .

me : bengong betul laa user. aku da ckp daa kalo ade changing price please laa check before the invoice up . ni bile daa up baru laa nak terkedek2 inform kt aku. aku gak yg penin pala how im going to do the adjustment. ape dia ingat student kt sini sorg dua jek ke yg sng2 leh cater. beribu2 kot weh..then ingat sorg student amik 1 subject jek ke satu semester? ko tau ed ade 10 subject tau yg change price...gile ko tau ???
ed : aaaaa..mane aku nak cr cleaner ni weh ? kene p pd lak 2 kali. mls tul laa.meeting sane meeting sini. budget kene buat lg. aduhh.. byk complain smpah x angkat .situ x bersih laa ape laa. tension aku. hp aku siap leh jatuh kt lift. elok2 jek dia jatuh kt lubang tuh. 2 tingkat lak tuh. nasib still ok lg. tension aku !

maa : siot aa student tuh. baling2 pasport dia kt maa lak. dia ingat maa ni ape. da tau passport tuh kene renew inform laa awl2. slh kn kitorang lak. da laa siap ade anak bini tuh sume. ikut kn hati maa nak jek srh anta dia p imegresen bior pdn muke masuk lokap. maa mls daa nak layan. dia siap ckp, this is all ur fault. series bengang gile kot. maa ignore jek dia. maa ckp, u talk to ms yim. dun talk to me. kurang ajo betul ~

hahahahahah..gile kan kitorang. bile ingat2 blk mmg kelakar dat moment. but then a bit release after that sesion. bile tgk2 aku ni da mcm rupe org keje banker. sume harga aku kene ingat. harga untuk subject ni bape. library fee bape. registration fee lagi.tuh x masuk credit note debit note and segala mcm term finance yg buat aku rs nak muntah. ed mcm agent org gaji.. duk penin pala mn nak cr cleaner. siap kene hafal sume kwsn kt u ni. and maa lak mcm org imegresen. blk2 passport. passport hilang laa..passport masuk washing machine laa.hehe..series lawak weh . .

we are totally come from diff department. but still bleh jek ckp ape2 time sesion tuh. sure laa ed ngan maa blur gile when im talking bout the invoice and segala mcm prob system. and so do i. but then ade.kami.kisah ?? hehe. .


diffirent type of emotion

this morning

when i was busy checking my email

suddenly i received one mail that

makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time.

need to talk to someone but seems like everybody was busy

cannot blame on that


tirai af7

this is one of the becoming student for af7
dun forget to vote for her
chaiyok Q I S !!

ada apa dgn a n o d ?

a n o d

name that given by naz, the pengantinesss . . hahaha
btw she's the one who start calling me anod. i still remember that time when we were in form 4. haha mentang2 ler study kimia abih sume ko nak implement kn kt real life ek ? uhuh . . anyways that name still lekat till now. but only my schoolmate just call me that.

just wanna wish S e L a M a T P e N g A n T i N B a R u to my dearest fren, cikgu Nas. At last kawin gak ko ngan bdk yg ko minat time sekolah dlu weh. x sia2 usaha ko selama ni. hahaha. .

time ni baru laa dpt jumpe blk member2 sekolah. but then i'm a bit frust cuz x sempat jumpe our classroom teacher, Cikgu Bakyah. for the 1st time i called her phone and surprisingly she still remember me ! yg lawaknye . .

her : awk ngajar kt mane skrg ni ?
me : eh saya x ngajar. saya x jadi cikgu . . saye jd org lain . . eh saya keje lain . . [ gilerr ayat bm aku berterabur, pdhal tgh sembang ngan cikgu bm tuh . . muahahaha]

tuh laa kalo da gelabah. . the end she gives me this msg . .

Ok. Take Care. Good Luck. Sronok dpt jumpe anak2 smla. Jgn lpa jmpt cikgu bla mkn nasi myak ok. Keje dgn baik !

sob . . sob . . uhuhu

others :-

nas - ko maintain kecik cam dlu. x berubah . .
jaja - aaannnooodddd . . !!
helmi - weh ko da lain aa. tgk aku td bkn nak tegur. siot aa ko da sombong . .
jakpo - anod ko sombong siot kt u. bkn nak tegur aku. wat bodo jek . .

hahahahha..mcm2 comment yg aku dpt. opss aku bkn sumbong daa. im just a bit shy2 only. . uhuh. . watever it is im happy cuz at last i can meet them again after all . .

p/s : the rest of the pic i will upload it later . .

tony roma's

fries = all the users yg sgt le sengal
burger = re-engineering, multiply tahap seksa tuh dgn 10 kuasa 13
salad = mmc system, sebut pn da nk muntah hijau
so which part that i need to eat first ? ! ?
saya . SANGAT . penat===========================
*updated (during the training JAVA)*
Yesterday i made a BIG mistake
i simply delete one of the data from the database
and i didnt even check before detele it
. . arrrggghhh . .
hailoh what is wrong with me ?!

1st and last

once and for all
congratulation for both of you
wish you guys well for the future
to love, life, laughter and happily ever after
~ fazdil and lisa ~

to be honest i think this is the first and the last time for me being a bridesmaid. cuak ok but a good experience for me !! da le aku ni type yang gelabah bin kelam kabut. (just look at juju's wedding). ahaha cant imagine that. actually takde laa scary sgt pun.ok laa so far. but luckily nothing much happened. the ceremony is going well and smoothly. *smug*

the bridesmaid begitu tegar melaksanakan tugasnya



i'm back

it's been more than a month since the last i update my blog. nothing much to tell but i'm too busy-ing myself with work , work , work , family, friends and so many other things. work has been took the 1st top 3 places in my daily life currently.

.. so many things happen to me but i think i am more calm right now ..

insha Allah


s t u c k

I've got it all, but I feel so deprivedI go up, I come down and I'm emptier insideTell me what is this thing that I feel like I'm missingAnd why can't I let it go
CHORUS:There's gotta be more to life...Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy meCause the more that I'm...Trippin' out thinkin' there must be more to lifeWell it's life, but I'm sure... There's gotta be more
(Than wanting more)I've got the time and I'm wasting it slowlyHere in this moment I'm half-way out the doorOnto the next thing, I'm searching for something that's missing
I'm wanting moreI'm always waiting on something other than thisWhy am I feelin' like there's something I missed....Always... Always...
More to lifeThere's gotta be more to life (more to life)There's gotta be more to life (more)More to my life

never like this kind of feelings

Pasir vs Batu

Sebuah kisah pasir dan batu. Kisah ini menceritakan tentang dua sahabat yang berjalan melintasi gurun pasir. Ketika dalam perjalanan itu mereka mula bertengkar dan yang satu menampar pipi sahabatnya.

Yang ditampar pipinya hatinya terluka, tapi tanpa berkata sepatah kata pun dia kemudian menulis di pasir :


Mereka meneruskan perjalanan sampai berjumpa sebuah oasis, dimana mereka memutuskan untuk berehat dan mandi. Tetapi orang yang wajahnya ditampar,terjatuh di pasir jerlus dan mula tenggelam, tetapi sahabatnya berjaya menyelamatkannya.

Setelah pulih keadaannya,dia mengukir kalimatdi sebuah batu :


Orang yang telah menampar sahabatnya dan kemudian menolongnya,lalu bertanya :

Setelah aku menampar kamu menulis di pasir, dan sekarang kamu menulis di batu, kenapa begitu?"

Sahabat yang ditanya menjawab

“ Ketika seseorang menyakiti
kita harus menuliskannya di pasir
supaya angin dapat memaafkan kita
dengan meniupnya lenyap tanpa meniggalkan kesan ”

Tapi saat orang melakukan kebaikan untuk kita
kita harus mengukirnya di batu
supaya tidak ada satu angin pun
yang sanggup menghapuskan
ingatan indah itu



Since I was a kid, I never planned what my life going to be. What I’m going to do? When I want to achieve? .. Basically I just go with the flow. Sometimes there are certain things that I want, but in the end it is totally different with what I’d planned. This is what we called life.

When I was in secondary school, one of my teacher asking me where I’m going to further my studies after this. Straightly said “saya nak masuk MMU”. But to be honest I never thought of it. I’ve just said what was in my mind at that moment. I don’t even imagine what MMU was look alike. When I’m having my SPM in hospital, my self confidence is totally drop into negative infinity. I thought that my future would be gone. Credit to my family because always bear with me no matter what.

When I want to filled up MMU form application, I just simply tick what I think it is suitable for me. The main reason I choose Alpha IT is because there is no other option for me. I don’t think I’m capable to take engineering and I have no interest in management. Actually I’d thought of creative multimedia course but when I’m thinking again I was not super creative at all. So the best option is IT which I never thought of what the course is all about. I even think to take diploma at first instead of going straight to the degree. But again credit to my parents because they always believe in me. They said I need to try it first. No harm of trying. It is ok if I failed but at least I had tried. Believe it or not I managed to finish my studies on time without having any difficulty. Alhamdulillah!

Same thing goes happen when I had graduated from there. During my final year, I still can’t decide what is exactly that I want. I think most probably I will duduk-senang-lenang-sambil-tanam-anggur di rumah. But thank you Allah for showing me that I’m wrong. I’m not saying that my life was easier run smoothly. I had my own rough time too same like the others. Alhamdulillah I managed to solve it with the help of the others.

Like I have mention earlier, I never planned what is the next for me. I don’t want to plan because I’m afraid that it will not achieve. I don’t want to get hurt if I didn’t manage to get it. And I know this is wrong. I’m still in the middle of learning to improve myself to be a better person in the future.

i am in the middle of thinking something big issue here and i don't know what i'm going to do. hmm..back to the basic. Turn to Him. He knows what is the best for us. :)
p/s: until now i still cant believe i had my own car ...(^_^)

my nephew ~

welcome to our new club members
register date : 18 Jan 2010
status : sleepy
weight : 3.21kg
will reveal his name soon !
.. salam everyone ..
my name is danish irfan b mohd faizul
btw call me irfan ok ..