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sweet memories ~

i was just randomly checking my ext hdisk
. . and . .
guess what i found
a few pictures of me and my frens
. . err. .
. . ahahahahhahahaha . .
gaya masing2 da mcm nk pegi space
kalah dr sms and dr megat
xpe. .wait for another pic

. . yeah . .
this is nice
. . much . . much . . better . .

i like this picture
i dunno why
. . hmm . .
btw ikan2 tuh mkn mister potato OK
bbq flavor lg
roti2 ni dia x main laa ek
i had a great time there !
sorry guys
sampai ke sudah x up8 bout this vacation
confirm da berjanggut yang ke 78
korg tunggu ek
. . eheh . .
anyways if u wanna know the rest of the story
kindly please visit here . . here and here
there's a lot of funny things happened there
by just looking at the picture
p/s : apekah maksud tersirat about this entry ? hmm . . ini tanda nya i really really need a vacation. and i meant it ! uhuh . .