story of klia

After being force by my little brother, at last I’ve decided to write this entry as his requested before. ikut kan hati aku nk peram cite ni lagi 2 3 thn akan dtg.. ahahah..
Alhamdulillah, my bro had achieve his dream to further his studies. congrates !!. Actually is not too far from here, only 10470km if I’m not mistaken. ehehe..
The story begin
date : 27 Sept 2009place : klong's house + ampang point

During this day, we are planning to take family raya picture. Actually it was delay for many many times but at last dpt gak gather one whole family. *smile*

huh sket punye ssh nk setting
please scroll down ur mouse

. . . . . . .

. . . .

. .

one BIG family

and below is for the couples only

eheh..after finish the photo session, we went to klong's in law house for raya. at this time there is no picture taken cus we are too busy x sempat laa nk berposing2 bagai. ehehe . .


it BOWLING time !!

it was qis's wishes and we try to fullfilled it after all. kalo x mau mogok until the next year raya. eheh just joking . .to be honest i'm actually have no talent in bowling. byk masuk longkang okey. stressfull btul . .huh

even though i got the last place, ( qis pn dpt no 3 huh ) it was worth it.
we had a great time there.

date : 28 Sept 2009
place : klia

it was the day where my bro need to fly. at 1st his face still can maintain cool but during the last minute time i felt that his hands quiet cold.confirm cuak tuh weh. ahaha . . i know deep down his heart he feel sad and scared but at the same time excited.

a few messages for him :
take care & study smart
make ur family proud of u
and the most important thing
jangan tinggal SOLAT

ops this is not the ending yet. eheh.. after a month ago i look at his fb status and . . ahahah gile mendengki x hingat . . uhuhu
*rolling on the floor*


-0n3- said…
huhu...time tgn sejuk tu,thousands of feeling ade beb....x tipu...kalau laptop,leh hang time tu gak...nsb baik la org...hehe...thx k.cik! great post! hehe...coz its bout me...;)...kudos....!
~rukia_kuchiki said…
tumpang bangga... ^^
omedetou gozaimasu!!

p/s : satu hr nnti.. jom gi travel overseas reramai..
mesti happening..!!
Hantu Ulam said…
congratz to ur bro!
SundaeCone said…
one - erk ape meaning kudos tuh ek??

ima - jom2..confirm happening. skrg ni stress bile tgk his ym status.asik berjln jek..*sigh*

juju - tq2..*jwb bg pihak my bro*
~iLL3$t~ said…

ur dad pon ade FB..
bile mau lepak-lepaking ni..
kate mau g melaka..
SundaeCone said… ayah zaman millenium.hikmah nye adik aku gi fly, mostly all my family members da celik IT daa weh. siap lg advance dr aku tuh..uhuh..

aaa..bile ko ngan aku nk free mkn ngan ko and the geng pn jd weh..

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