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dari satu hujung ke satu
penghujung berlari
tapi hanya makin ku jalani
jalan jalan yang sempit sekali
imbasan warna warni cerita cerita
dalam hidup kita
hingga paling kelam kan terpapar
di slot akasia

all the verses in the Quran are like personal letters
from Allah to us
if you want to find solace
and balm for the sore
the words will heal it straight away
- hlovate -


~rukia_kuchiki said...

nice entry..dalam maksud dia..

akasia tuh pokok ke??

p/s : hepi holiday..[utk mmu student] =)

SundaeCone said...

uhuh deep meaning rite. uhuh skrg tgh addicted lagu ni jek. song akasia by the fabulous cat. it is nice song for me. ..=)

aiyak x aci korg tgh holiday. nak juga!!!