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L . I . N . E

i've drawn the line here
do as usual
like nothing happen
do not cross the line
cuz that is the safest place

story of klia

After being force by my little brother, at last I’ve decided to write this entry as his requested before. ikut kan hati aku nk peram cite ni lagi 2 3 thn akan dtg.. ahahah..
Alhamdulillah, my bro had achieve his dream to further his studies. congrates !!. Actually is not too far from here, only 10470km if I’m not mistaken. ehehe.. The story begin date : 27 Sept 2009place : klong's house + ampang point

During this day, we are planning to take family raya picture. Actually it was delay for many many times but at last dpt gak gather one whole family. *smile*

huh sket punye ssh nk setting
please scroll down ur mouse

. . . . . . .

. . . .

. .

one BIG family

and below is for the couples only

eheh..after finish the photo session, we went to klong's in law house for raya. at this time there is no picture taken cus we are too busy x sempat laa nk berposing2 bagai. ehehe . .
it BOWLING time !!
it was qis's wishes and we try to fullfilled it after all. kalo x mau mogok until t…


dari satu hujung ke satu penghujung berlari tapi hanya makin ku jalani jalan jalan yang sempit sekali imbasan warna warni cerita cerita dalam hidup kita hingga paling kelam kan terpapar di slot akasia

all the verses in the Quran are like personal letters from Allah to us if you want to find solace and balm for the sore the words will heal it straight away - hlovate -

new look of me

at last after long enough been using the old layout today on 8th Oct 2009 i've decided to change it simple and cute rite *wink*
stay tuned with me more stories to come if and only if im not lazy as usual ahaha

possible stories which i MAY write :-
my sister weddingmy best friend weddinghappy raya modestory of KLIAerk..btw those entry should depends on the author which is me and im really not sure when i can write. probabily it will delay for long long and long time . . eheh