snow is falling from the sky - in the middle of July

place - my own office

time - 5.30pm
event - birthday celebration

syndrome writer block is the reason why im not updating my blog frequently. ahaha ni baru tulis blog da having mcm2 syndrome. wonder how the novelist out there can write anything smoothly. aku ni nak tulis one sentence pn perah otak mcm nak tulis satu buku. ehehe . .

actually on month july, around 4 or 5 icem's staff birthday. so we decided to surprise them. during that day, suddenly we get an email from one of my officemate, rachelle saying that there is an urgent meeting at 2.30pm. most of us felt curious what is the meeting was all about. cuak seh ! yeap of course im worried and curious cuz at 1st i didnt know that they were planning something.

but the surprise didnt work out succesfully 100%. why ?? because one of the birthday girl,meen didnt show up during on the meeting. aiyak spoil the plan. ahaha . . no worries we still waiting for her after all. so in the end, at 5.30pm sharp suddenly meen came to the office and SURPRISE !! ahaha . .
. . and . .

. . the rest is history . .

birthday gurls & boy
from left : ezan, mok, meen, lina, ken and ima
~ icems team ~


~rukia_kuchiki said…
best nye..nmpk happening gila..^^
take care yee
zangguras said…
hehe.. kalo suprise 100% lagi best.. mau ingat sampai mati.. :p apapun sempoi laa.. ada majlis camnih..

p/s : tringat aku time besday aku dulu.. member2 bawak p tepi pantai sruh pejam mata.. skali kena baling ngan telur.. huhu.. lepas tu baru depa bg hadiah baju n towel.. habih kena basuh baju aku.. dah la aku jenih penyegan nak basuh baju.. apapun kenangan tuh ingat sampai mati.. :D
SundaeCone said…
ima - yeap mmg happening..saye suke~ ahah..

hadi - ahah true. all those memories will remember till the end. cewah ..:P

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