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currently im busy with tulis-kad-kawin-my-sis stuff. hohoh . . there is a lot of list need to be done. nasib laa aku x muntah ijau tgk kad2 tuh sume. mcm nk pinar mata tgk excel till make me a bit kind of 'bengong' pn ade. some of them need to put 'Tuan HJ' but i'm kind of hentam kromo letak 'Encik Hj' le pulak. ade yg smpai slh spelling, typing error and the best part is im kind of confused how to diffirentiate between chinese's male and female. im not sure whether i need to put mr instead of mrs in front of their name. let me give you an example

mok chiew yee
do you guys know, this name is for male or female??ahaha.. kalo indian tuh aku tau le juga cane nk diffirent kn. tp kalo chinese ni, peh mmg le aku fail. so the safe way is im just put their own name. no need to add mrs or mr or even miss in front of their name. setel !

haa i almost forgot, i had found some kind of unique name which makes me a bit of *hypnotized* sekejap.

asmara dewi bte mohamed

uhuh..i kept thinking perhaps her parents is a big fan of 'jimi asmara' film during that time. tuh yg smpai name anak pn ade kait mengait skali. just wondering . *smug*


~rukia_kuchiki said...

ima rasa its inappropriate kalo x letak salutation kt nama org...[my humble opinion laa]

suggestion :
dpn nama mok chiew yee tu, letak je mr/ms/mrs/dato'/datin besenye org wat cm be on d safe side laa..

kwn ima..balak dia nama zikir abadi bin abd rahman..haa..klas x?

p/s : nmpknye jd maid of honor la ye? hehe fighting!!

SundaeCone said...

tuh laa. mmg agak x approriate pn wat cmtuh..=(

but then inside the card already have tuan/puan/dato/mrs/mr etc ..

ni yg penin nk tulis kt envelope. x tau nk tulis mrs ke or mr..

uhuh..dasat gak name kwn ima tuh..mmg ade klas..hehe..

p/s: erk bkn2. masa wedding tu nnt saye ditugas kn jd ceti...ahah amik duit...

~rukia_kuchiki said...

bayangkan kalo zikir abadi kawin dgn asmara dewi...[haru..ampun..!!!]

haha..merepek dh ni

p/s : wah..jd ceti tu..dh naik pgkat la dia.. *wink

~aramisz ``^_^ said...

naseb x slah letak abg aji... 8-}

Apple Cute said...

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