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currently im busy with tulis-kad-kawin-my-sis stuff. hohoh . . there is a lot of list need to be done. nasib laa aku x muntah ijau tgk kad2 tuh sume. mcm nk pinar mata tgk excel till make me a bit kind of 'bengong' pn ade. some of them need to put 'Tuan HJ' but i'm kind of hentam kromo letak 'Encik Hj' le pulak. ade yg smpai slh spelling, typing error and the best part is im kind of confused how to diffirentiate between chinese's male and female. im not sure whether i need to put mr instead of mrs in front of their name. let me give you an example

mok chiew yee
do you guys know, this name is for male or female??ahaha.. kalo indian tuh aku tau le juga cane nk diffirent kn. tp kalo chinese ni, peh mmg le aku fail. so the safe way is im just put their own name. no need to add mrs or mr or even miss in front of their name. setel !

haa i almost forgot, i had found some kind of unique name which makes me a bit of *hypnotized* sekejap.

asmara dewi bte mohamed

uhuh..i kept thinking perhaps her parents is a big fan of 'jimi asmara' film during that time. tuh yg smpai name anak pn ade kait mengait skali. just wondering . *smug*

cameron highland 2008

i think it's quiet long enough i haven't updated my blog about jalan jalan cari makan's entry. yes, i know . . i realized . . i've always talk about jiwa-yg-kacau, time-to-move-on entry, sesi-tensen-bersama-keje,down-to-earth and some kind of that stuff lately. ahaha . .
ok just throw out the sadness part.leave all kind of stuff behind. let's talk about something else. something that refresh your mind. something that cheer you up. something that make u more alive. ahaha . . apekehal ler cm poyoo semcm plak ni . .ye la aku tgh semangat ni kn . ehehe
actually this story is already entered the basi-zone-part. mane tak nye aku pegi trip ni around Nov 2008 but rite now da masuk year 2009 pn. ehe told ya. nmpk sgt kemalasan dan kebizian aku yang tiada penghujung nya. ohoh. .
ok ignore it. let see the pic below . .
strawberry park on the 2nd day
jap2 forgot to mention actually me and my friends were going to cameron highland. and of course strawberrpy park is the place that we must go. haih aku ni..mukadimah xde trus2 masuk intermission. mane tak confuse. uhuh . . suddenly im craving cheese cake . . rasa2 secret recipe bukak lagi ke. da kul 12.48 am ni. erk . . NEXT !!!
erk..why is always food picture? where are the others? wait, i'll put it later. hmm . . this is the result of barbecue. wanna know whose the chef ?? jeng. . jeng . . jeng . .
the guy that wearing a black shirt at the 1st picture. his name is korie and his current job is chef. hehe jgn memain tuh weh . . another one, mahdi was busy bakar ayam kt balcony. and me as usual tukang bancuh air. ehehe . .

from left: min, mahdi, k ash, din
from left: min, kay, k ash, mahdi
from left: min, kay, ayob, k ash, mahdi, din, momo
cantik !
group at the flowers park
. . and for the last picture . .
. . aku dan momo dalam film ayat-ayat cinta . .

. . the end . .

*straight face*

. . . .