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honey star

and i know

that i'm no hero

but i'm doing what i can

try to make me a better person


Korea-Seoul-Map said...

Very nice blog! ^^
do you know Seoul, Korea?
if not, feel free to visit me.
Thanks a lot ^^

~rukia_kuchiki said...

i wish i can come to visit you and have a blast, so that all our problems will go away~ huhu

p/s : bila kita diuji, itu tandanya Tuhan menyayangi.. fighting!!! *smile

~iLL3$t~ said...

lame x jmpe ko
awat depress depress ni!!

senyumla sokmo!!

Funky Nia said...

really nice!

SundaeCone said...

ima - insya Allah. im a bit calm rite now. uhuh hope everything will be ok. Fighting!! no worries..=P

ill - uwaaa..udah lame enggak ketemu sama kamu dong. kamu gi mana sih. ahah da2 aku x leh reverse back ckp malay lak ni. uhuh
btw im kind of smiling rite now. see . . =)