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honey star

and i know

that i'm no hero

but i'm doing what i can

try to make me a better person

warkah mental

lately ni mcm slalu jek aku update blog with the stress-tension-depressed entry.
tp kali ni lg skali aku nk wat entry psl topic yg same.
ahaha . . duli hape aku . .

syndrom depressed kali ni agak critical sket
cuz membabit kan smpai ke doktor.
haa hamik ko . .
serve me right . . *tougue*

the doc give me some pills . .
siap bg ubat tido tuh weh . . ohoho
eh nape dia x bg ubat depressed ek
kalo ubat kasi ilang ingatan pn aiman x kisah
eheh just joking peeps . .
aku kalo dah 'mental' mmg agak x bape nk betul laa sket

hmm perhaps he think im fine
aiyak cannot laa doc . .
i'm totally penat-lembik-exhausted condition da ni

yeah i know
i need to move on
get up from this kind of hole

seriously i've try
but damn
it's still bother me
maybe i should try harder than before . .
hmm . . yeah maybe

p/s : entry ini ditulis di mana pemilik blog dalam keadaan yang tidak berapa nk stabil . . eheh


a story i can't tell

kind of messy right now
feel like i wanna run away
but i can't

im not strong enough to do that

my self esteem is totally drop into negative infinity

and it takes time for me to make it up

no worries

i think im fine

im just ' T I R E D '