momo told me to update my blog regularly. so that my nuffnang account will increase more.

im thinking what should i wrote. i have no idea at all. im still waiting the sabah's pic from my frens. but then boleh jek wat entry about my vacation at cameron highland. pic pn da ade. what else ana !

the thing is

1st - i have no time at all when im in the office
[aik kalo chatting tuh ade jek masa ek . .such a lame excuse. ahah. . =p]

2nd - im too lazy to open my blogspot account and click new entry there
[ ana + malas cannot be separated at all ]

3rd - im totally out of idea
[kalo da xde idea tu, bukak laa 10x new entry, and it will be ended with me sign out without updating. that is why idea is the most important thing here]

aik kata tadi xde idea. then what are you doing now, ana ?? tengah buat bunga manggar ka?? lol ape kaitan bunga manggar lak ni . . hish

hohoh im totally TiNg tOng !

actually i wanna share some of the pic. hope you like it because i like it too . .*smile*
it looks like tom [tom & jerry] in reality version =p

dorg ni mmg sgt flexible . ahah
iiiyyaaaakkk !!

amaran keras jangan meniru aksi ngeri seperti di atas
ahaha..why his ears would be like that ?

told ya. dorg sgt flexible. can sleep wherever they want

kawaaiii . . aku suke !!
** THE END **


Cik Oren said…
haha...evetho cedok dr emel pun boleh la ana..

jd ade entry baru..hihi:D
yg tdo kat tayar n dlm kasut tu mcm kucing aku dlu2..hehe.. i mis them so much..(*o*)...tapi skrg da macm mls gile nak bela.. ;P
Im clicking ur nuffnang's adv!!!..Huhuhuu...
SundaeCone said…
juju - hohoh tau xpe.idea beku gilerr..ish

lisa - eh ko ade bela kucing ek dlu. name dia ape weh. same here.dlu penah laa bela.skrg x lg. diri sndiri pn x terbela.hahah

momo - yeah..make it a habit everytime u open my blog.heheh..
MYRRA said…
ape kak ana
g upd8 cite kucing?
mau cite sabah la
SundaeCone said…
haha..cane nk update cite kt sabah, pic pn x pat lai ni..=P

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