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sweet memories ~

i was just randomly checking my ext hdisk . . and . . guess what i found a few pictures of me and my frens . . err. . . . ahahahahhahahaha . . gaya masing2 da mcm nk pegi space kalah dr sms and dr megat xpe. .wait for another pic
. . yeah . . this is nice . . much . . much . . better . .
i like this picture i dunno why . . hmm . . btw ikan2 tuh mkn mister potato OK bbq flavor lg roti2 ni dia x main laa ek ehehe i had a great time there ! *smile* sorry guys sampai ke sudah x up8 bout this vacation confirm da berjanggut yang ke 78 korg tunggu ek . . eheh . . anyways if u wanna know the rest of the story kindly please visit here . .here and here there's a lot of funny things happened there by just looking at the picture :) p/s : apekah maksud tersirat about this entry ? hmm . . ini tanda nya i really really need a vacation. and i meant it ! uhuh . .

L . I . N . E

i've drawn the line here
do as usual
like nothing happen
do not cross the line
cuz that is the safest place

story of klia

After being force by my little brother, at last I’ve decided to write this entry as his requested before. ikut kan hati aku nk peram cite ni lagi 2 3 thn akan dtg.. ahahah..
Alhamdulillah, my bro had achieve his dream to further his studies. congrates !!. Actually is not too far from here, only 10470km if I’m not mistaken. ehehe.. The story begin date : 27 Sept 2009place : klong's house + ampang point

During this day, we are planning to take family raya picture. Actually it was delay for many many times but at last dpt gak gather one whole family. *smile*

huh sket punye ssh nk setting
please scroll down ur mouse

. . . . . . .

. . . .

. .

one BIG family

and below is for the couples only

eheh..after finish the photo session, we went to klong's in law house for raya. at this time there is no picture taken cus we are too busy x sempat laa nk berposing2 bagai. ehehe . .
it BOWLING time !!
it was qis's wishes and we try to fullfilled it after all. kalo x mau mogok until t…


dari satu hujung ke satu penghujung berlari tapi hanya makin ku jalani jalan jalan yang sempit sekali imbasan warna warni cerita cerita dalam hidup kita hingga paling kelam kan terpapar di slot akasia

all the verses in the Quran are like personal letters from Allah to us if you want to find solace and balm for the sore the words will heal it straight away - hlovate -

new look of me

at last after long enough been using the old layout today on 8th Oct 2009 i've decided to change it simple and cute rite *wink*
stay tuned with me more stories to come if and only if im not lazy as usual ahaha

possible stories which i MAY write :-
my sister weddingmy best friend weddinghappy raya modestory of KLIAerk..btw those entry should depends on the author which is me and im really not sure when i can write. probabily it will delay for long long and long time . . eheh

fly like a superman

i always get excited easily even though it is simple tiny little things. call me childish or what but that is me. *smile* . .

try look at the picture below . .

perhaps you think that is just a normal toy for kids to play around
but if you see a little bit closer

that is just more than an aeroplane

i'm amazed ! there is plenty useful things inside it. (erk ke aku jek yg terlebih amazed sorg2. uhuh) very creative as for me thumbs up for the creator

. . plus the design is soo cute . .

snow is falling from the sky - in the middle of July

place - my own office

time - 5.30pm event - birthday celebration

syndrome writer block is the reason why im not updating my blog frequently. ahaha ni baru tulis blog da having mcm2 syndrome. wonder how the novelist out there can write anything smoothly. aku ni nak tulis one sentence pn perah otak mcm nak tulis satu buku. ehehe . .

actually on month july, around 4 or 5 icem's staff birthday. so we decided to surprise them. during that day, suddenly we get an email from one of my officemate, rachelle saying that there is an urgent meeting at 2.30pm. most of us felt curious what is the meeting was all about. cuak seh ! yeap of course im worried and curious cuz at 1st i didnt know that they were planning something.

but the surprise didnt work out succesfully 100%. why ?? because one of the birthday girl,meen didnt show up during on the meeting. aiyak spoil the plan. ahaha . . no worries we still waiting for her after all. so in the end, at 5.30pm sharp suddenly meen came to the office a…


why must i dream about him, again? *sigh*


when i'm invisible he's offline
when i'm online he's online when i'm idle he's idle too whose going to buzz 1st bengong anda paham? nope me too double bengong ish find something else
distract ur mind from doing this crap thinking entry talk about cameron highland
err . . err . .
ok fine baik aku tido


scroll down your mouse till the end of this entry some sort of inspiration for me when i was falling HE was there for us no matter what *smile*


currently im busy with tulis-kad-kawin-my-sis stuff. hohoh . . there is a lot of list need to be done. nasib laa aku x muntah ijau tgk kad2 tuh sume. mcm nk pinar mata tgk excel till make me a bit kind of 'bengong' pn ade. some of them need to put 'Tuan HJ' but i'm kind of hentam kromo letak 'Encik Hj' le pulak. ade yg smpai slh spelling, typing error and the best part is im kind of confused how to diffirentiate between chinese's male and female. im not sure whether i need to put mr instead of mrs in front of their name. let me give you an example
mok chiew yee
do you guys know, this name is for male or female??ahaha.. kalo indian tuh aku tau le juga cane nk diffirent kn. tp kalo chinese ni, peh mmg le aku fail. so the safe way is im just put their own name. no need to add mrs or mr or even miss in front of their name. setel !
haa i almost forgot, i had found some kind of unique name which makes me a bit of *hypnotized* sekejap.
asmara dewi bte mohamed

cameron highland 2008

i think it's quiet long enough i haven't updated my blog about jalan jalan cari makan's entry. yes, i know . . i realized . . i've always talk about jiwa-yg-kacau, time-to-move-on entry, sesi-tensen-bersama-keje,down-to-earth and some kind of that stuff lately. ahaha . .
ok just throw out the sadness part.leave all kind of stuff behind. let's talk about something else. something that refresh your mind. something that cheer you up. something that make u more alive. ahaha . . apekehal ler cm poyoo semcm plak ni . .ye la aku tgh semangat ni kn . ehehe
actually this story is already entered the basi-zone-part. mane tak nye aku pegi trip ni around Nov 2008 but rite now da masuk year 2009 pn. ehe told ya. nmpk sgt kemalasan dan kebizian aku yang tiada penghujung nya. ohoh. .
ok ignore it. let see the pic below . . strawberry park on the 2nd day
jap2 forgot to mention actually me and my friends were going to cameron highland. and of course strawberrpy park is the place that we…

*straight face*

. . . .

honey star

and i know
that i'm no hero
but i'm doing what i can
try to make me a better person

warkah mental

lately ni mcm slalu jek aku update blog with the stress-tension-depressed entry.
tp kali ni lg skali aku nk wat entry psl topic yg same.
ahaha . . duli hape aku . .

syndrom depressed kali ni agak critical sket
cuz membabit kan smpai ke doktor.
haa hamik ko . .
serve me right . . *tougue*

the doc give me some pills . .
siap bg ubat tido tuh weh . . ohoho
eh nape dia x bg ubat depressed ek
kalo ubat kasi ilang ingatan pn aiman x kisah
eheh just joking peeps . .
aku kalo dah 'mental' mmg agak x bape nk betul laa sket

hmm perhaps he think im fine
aiyak cannot laa doc . .
i'm totally penat-lembik-exhausted condition da ni

yeah i know
i need to move on
get up from this kind of hole

seriously i've try
but damn
it's still bother me
maybe i should try harder than before . .
hmm . . yeah maybe

p/s : entry ini ditulis di mana pemilik blog dalam keadaan yang tidak berapa nk stabil . . eheh

a story i can't tell

kind of messy right now feel like i wanna run away but i can't
im not strong enough to do that
my self esteem is totally drop into negative infinity
and it takes time for me to make it up
no worries
i think im fine
im just ' T I R E D '