tag 2

phew..there is a lot of request from my frens that i need to do. yeah2 i know . . i know . . i owe one entry regarding my vacation. uhuh no worries i will story later. but rite now let me do the tagged from miss ima 1st. ok ima here we go.. :P

1.what are u wearing right now?
blue shirt with blue pants
2.what (is)are your favourite colour?
b.i.r.u dulu kini dan selamanya . .
3.who is your first best friend?
wait aa.i think 1st..
ahh yes his name is ridzuan.my close frens when i was in standard 1. haih wondering where is he now?
4.any book that you read currently?
yup. currently i read kebun mimpi by noor suraya,syud & rnysa
5.anyone that you miss currently?
rite now? hmm x dak kot..hehe
6.what is your favourite tv shows?
amazing race (asean) and bolos saja dinding ituuu...ahaha
7.3 things that you are passionate about:
travelling + reading + sleeping. yeah i like. ehehe..
8. one word to describe yourself:
kecik and comey. muahahahah..sure ramai yg da termuntah daa tuh..:p


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