Actually on 10 Dec me and my family were going on the vacation. Kire ala-ala family gathering laa gitu. da lame giler x pegi holiday. And as for me, this vacation is rewarded to myself as i have working hard along this while.

place - 2nd airport, beijing

time - not sure the exact time but maybe around 6 ++ am

Suddenly snow flake on the 1st day we arrived. Rasa jakun giler and at the same time felt happy because i had a chance to see it by myself. Alhamdulillah!! . . during that time mmg sgt dan amat laa sejuk. Honest x tipu . uhuh tp main tetap main . . nak wat cane kate jakun . hahah . .

place - the summer palace

The temperature here around -6 to 3 degree celcius. Please focus on the lake in the pic above. Terlampau sejuk sampai tasik pun beku. can you image how cold we are. uhuh

place - pearl place ( not sure the exact name)

Who love pearl, raise up you hand please? hehe This is the right place for those who are crazy about pearl. But then for me it's quiet expensive here. Better laa korg beli kat sabah weh. Lagi berlambak . . ahaha . .

place - the great wall china

I want to announce here that i had climbing the great wall china till level 2 successfully. huh should be proud of myself. ahaha . . Climbing this wall really give me a lot of challenging, but i did it. yeah ! Siap dapat certificate tuh weh. ahahah

place - forbidden city

The place where maharaja cheng ( hope this is the correct spelling) lives. The biggest place i had ever seen. This time mula laa berangan mcm dlm cite cine kt tv tu. uhuhu . .

place - the bird nest (olympic stadium 2008)

Unfortunately we are not allowed to go inside the stadium. haih what to do. But im a bit impress when i see the stadium there. For me it is a unique. Hmm wondering who is their architect huh?

place - KLIA, Malaysia

Home sweet home. I'm having a great time in china but still Malaysia is the best home ever for me. Malaysia Boleh ! eheh ops terlebih sudah

my lovely happy family

6 facts that u should know :-

1. Jade is much more expensive compared to crystal

2. People in China must have only 1 child in a family. not more than that - goverment rules.

3. It tooks 5 hours from Malaysia to China. i means by plane not by car ok. ahaha

4. They are using yuen. 1 yuean is equal to 0.58316 ringgit malaysia

5. People in China prefer to cycle bicycle compared to motorcycle.

6. China people believe that jade is the precious things for them.


~rukia_kuchiki said…
whoaa..pergi china la dia.. bestnye...!!! the forbidden city and great wall mmg jd tmpat wajib,rugi la kalo x gi..hehe

1 child per family,dats true...kiranye anak tunggal la kan. if i'm not mistaken, after the tragic+deathly earthquake 2008 hr tuh, china change their rules. sbb lps insiden tuh, ramai anak tunggal jd sebatang kara sbb parents terkorban, or parents kehilangan satu2nye anak tunggal mereka. semuanya bahana 1 child per family la ni.

p/s : ada blikan batu jed utk ima x?? *kidding
Wanna go to China also...hok hok hok.Tunggu aku kayo sat.
hadi said…
isk.. best btoi ehh.. apa nama tempat ang p kat china tuh? kata memba aku yg dok kat guangzhou nak p ke shanghai punya la jauh.. jarak mcm dari guangzhou p Malaysia.. besaq btoi china.. satu daerah pun mcm satu negeri kat Malaysia nih.. :p
SundaeCone said…
ima - uhu..best2.nnt ima ade rezeki lbh leh laa pi sane nnt...:p

jed??ingat nk curi jed yg kt tmpt maharaja cheng tinggal tuh. tp guard yg jaga belambak.hahaha..

momo - u should go there too. it is awesome. dpt tgk negara org...=P

hadi - yaa batull..besar giler negara dia.aku pi beijing. ingat kn nk masuk olympic 2008 tp aku lmbt lak. hahahah

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