J.J.C.M [part 2]

time - 19 Sept 2008
place - Village View, Bangi
with - me :: ed :: momo :: korie :: faris :: suhaimin
menu - nasi putih :: ikan bakar :: ikan siakap sweet sour :: kailan :: sotong goreng tepung :: tomyam ayam :: sate kajang :: sirap limau :: oren

by the time we wanna break our fasting, there was some fight between the customer and the waitress. actually im a bit pitty with that waitress and that customer was just too rude i think. even that waitress made sume mistakes but then for me it's a fasting month plus a lot of customer there. bwk2 ler bersabar pakcik oii..we all know the tag about ' customers is always right '. tp agak2 laa kn. the funniest things is, when i was too busy watching them, korie also busy warning me . .

korie : ana..ana..da mkn ana..
me : [ still ignore and busy watching them ]
korie : ana..da mkn..buke pose !!
me : haaa!! ok2..

if im still look at them, silap2 pakcik tuh pn emo kt aku gak..ggrrr !!
time - cant remember but still on the fasting month
place - melaka
with - me :: ed :: ma :
: faris :: suhaimin :: suhaidi
menu - nasi lemak :: sotong goreng tepung :: ikan bakar :: kailan :: sotong masak pedas :: kerang :: lala

one word here . c r a z y ! ! melantak giler x hingat . thanx to en suhaidi cus treat us. next time leh laa blanja lagi. hehe . . at this time, i had a fight with faris. siap berebut sotong goreng tepung tu weh. ceh mcm bdk2 . .

faris : bla . . bla . . bla . . [cant remember what he talks about ]
me : ed, ko ade soletep x.
ed : xde weh..shotgun ade, ko nak??

hahahaha . . =))
time - still cant remember
place - secret recipe, cyberjaya
with - me ::ma
menu - chocolate chip walnut :: chocolate indulgence :: french fries :: sky water

on that nite, suddenly ma ngidam wanna eat cake at secret recipe. aku pn join skaki. luckily she just wanna eat cake. its easy to find it. but what if dia ngidam yg pelik2 mcm daging unta masak merah ka or kuih keria kaa..mana nk cr weh tgh2 mlm tuh..hahah..


Anonymous said…
buruknye muke aku (gambo dgn ko tu kat village view).....huhuhu
SundaeCone said…
hahah..rilex aa ed.bkn ko jek..aku pn lbh kurg same. pic muke x ready tuh..=P

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