for the 1st time im updating my blog in the office. it's not that i have no work to do.melambak jek keje tuh need to check here and there. maybe its just that i have no mood of working rite now.

ok fullstop. lets not talk about work here. feel like i wanna puke everytime i think about my work. uhuh..naaa..actually i love of what im doing rite now.its just that maybe today is hari membenci kerja sedunia pada ari ni . . =P

see the pic above. actually im moving to izzi's places. saje laa suke2 explore into his pc. hahahah..lawak dowh. sume lagu2 zaman dahulu kala tuh.hahah..then i found all bsb song. uik giler lame da x dgr bsb ni .

hehe i just remembered that i was a fan of bsb. its started when i was in form 2. haha zaman2 tuh mmg totally lawak yg poyoo. quiet fanatic laa juga smpai sanggup balut buku sek using their poster. at that time i was closest with naz, azela and subathra. kire lau nk pi mane2 kitorang berempat laa. me and nas minat nick carter . . azela suke brian . . subathra, sape lagi kalo bkn kelvin.

while im listening to this song, suddenly its remind me of all my schoolmate ecspecially nas, azela and subathra when we were in form 2 and form 3. mmg best laa time tuh. i'd remembered cikgu datin called me makcik just because i talk so much in class during her time. and i'd remembered when subathra jatuh kerusi. hahahahha time ni mmg lawak yg amat. kitorang x sempat buat ape2. nas sempat jerit jek. da laa jerit kuat giler. aku ngan azela pulak mmg tergamam x wat ape daa. lepas tuh hahahhahahaa...aku gelak mmg x hingat aaa. smpai sakit2 perut tuh. seriously even skrg ni pn aku tgh gelak bile teringat blk mcm mane dia jatuh. satu kelas bergegar gara2 kitorg. kecoh betul laa kn. .

then aku ngan nas penah kasi love letter to azela on april fool day. hahaha..lawak lerr..nas siap letak bedak lagi kt surat tuh bagi wangi. nak wat lg dramatic nas srh org gaji dia tulis kan sbb takut azela dpt cam handwriting kitorg. time tuh terselit laa bhs indon satu dua ayat. hahaha . . mmg lawak laa. azela smpai nangis2 bile tau surat tuh kitorang yg wat dajal. pitty with azela at that time but we were just joking only. not more than that. we had no idea that she would cry because of this . . sorry azela . . heheh . . but we still close no matter what.

actually too many things happen during that time. x larat nk recalled sume skali. owh got to go now.

need to work here . .

later . .


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