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.:: a b s s u ::.

i dream about him.
the weird thing was
we were using 'awk - saya' instead of 'aku - ko' in my dream
i really dun remember
what's the dream was all about
but there was you and me in dream
then i woke up
its 10.38 am
my dream just fade away
and me
back to the reality


~rukia_kuchiki said...

amboi2..sempat lg mimpi..mimpi plak xleh blah..haha

ima pon ada mimpi gak.. mimpi betunang tuh..(haha..gatal) tp yg x best nye..x sempat tgk bakal tunang dlm tuh..x nmpk muka..huhu

p/s : nk betunang nnti jemput eh =p

SundaeCone said...

hahaha..dasat tuh.mimpi bertunang..sape kah calon2 nya..jeng3x....;)

p/s: kalo mimpi fahrin ahmad lg best..hahahahahah..=))

lisa+lollipopsw3ety said...

huahuahua...ko mmpi sape ni..