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for the 1st time im updating my blog in the office. it's not that i have no work to do.melambak jek keje tuh need to check here and there. maybe its just that i have no mood of working rite now.

ok fullstop. lets not talk about work here. feel like i wanna puke everytime i think about my work. uhuh..naaa..actually i love of what im doing rite now.its just that maybe today is hari membenci kerja sedunia pada ari ni . . =P

see the pic above. actually im moving to izzi's places. saje laa suke2 explore into his pc. hahahah..lawak dowh. sume lagu2 zaman dahulu kala tuh.hahah..then i found all bsb song. uik giler lame da x dgr bsb ni .

hehe i just remembered that i was a fan of bsb. its started when i was in form 2. haha zaman2 tuh mmg totally lawak yg poyoo. quiet fanatic laa juga smpai sanggup balut buku sek using their poster. at that time i was closest with naz, azela and subathra. kire lau nk pi mane2 kitorang berempat laa. me and nas minat nick carter . . azela suke brian . . subathra, sape lagi kalo bkn kelvin.

while im listening to this song, suddenly its remind me of all my schoolmate ecspecially nas, azela and subathra when we were in form 2 and form 3. mmg best laa time tuh. i'd remembered cikgu datin called me makcik just because i talk so much in class during her time. and i'd remembered when subathra jatuh kerusi. hahahahha time ni mmg lawak yg amat. kitorang x sempat buat ape2. nas sempat jerit jek. da laa jerit kuat giler. aku ngan azela pulak mmg tergamam x wat ape daa. lepas tuh hahahhahahaa...aku gelak mmg x hingat aaa. smpai sakit2 perut tuh. seriously even skrg ni pn aku tgh gelak bile teringat blk mcm mane dia jatuh. satu kelas bergegar gara2 kitorg. kecoh betul laa kn. .

then aku ngan nas penah kasi love letter to azela on april fool day. hahaha..lawak lerr..nas siap letak bedak lagi kt surat tuh bagi wangi. nak wat lg dramatic nas srh org gaji dia tulis kan sbb takut azela dpt cam handwriting kitorg. time tuh terselit laa bhs indon satu dua ayat. hahaha . . mmg lawak laa. azela smpai nangis2 bile tau surat tuh kitorang yg wat dajal. pitty with azela at that time but we were just joking only. not more than that. we had no idea that she would cry because of this . . sorry azela . . heheh . . but we still close no matter what.

actually too many things happen during that time. x larat nk recalled sume skali. owh got to go now.

need to work here . .

later . .


knock knock

comey isnt it ?
. . cant wait for december . .
insya Allah

.:: a b s s u ::.

i dream about him.
the weird thing was
we were using 'awk - saya' instead of 'aku - ko' in my dream
i really dun remember
what's the dream was all about
but there was you and me in dream
then i woke up
its 10.38 am
my dream just fade away
and me
back to the reality

J.J.C.M [part 2]

time - 19 Sept 2008
place - Village View, Bangi
with - me :: ed :: momo :: korie :: faris :: suhaimin
menu - nasi putih :: ikan bakar :: ikan siakap sweet sour :: kailan :: sotong goreng tepung :: tomyam ayam :: sate kajang :: sirap limau :: oren

by the time we wanna break our fasting, there was some fight between the customer and the waitress. actually im a bit pitty with that waitress and that customer was just too rude i think. even that waitress made sume mistakes but then for me it's a fasting month plus a lot of customer there. bwk2 ler bersabar pakcik oii..we all know the tag about ' customers is always right '. tp agak2 laa kn. the funniest things is, when i was too busy watching them, korie also busy warning me . .

korie : ana..ana..da mkn ana..
me : [ still ignore and busy watching them ]
korie : ana..da mkn..buke pose !!
me : haaa!! ok2..

if im still look at them, silap2 pakcik tuh pn emo kt aku gak..ggrrr !!
time - cant remember but still on the fasting month
place - melaka
with - me :: ed :: ma :
: faris :: suhaimin :: suhaidi
menu - nasi lemak :: sotong goreng tepung :: ikan bakar :: kailan :: sotong masak pedas :: kerang :: lala

one word here . c r a z y ! ! melantak giler x hingat . thanx to en suhaidi cus treat us. next time leh laa blanja lagi. hehe . . at this time, i had a fight with faris. siap berebut sotong goreng tepung tu weh. ceh mcm bdk2 . .

faris : bla . . bla . . bla . . [cant remember what he talks about ]
me : ed, ko ade soletep x.
ed : xde weh..shotgun ade, ko nak??

hahahaha . . =))
time - still cant remember
place - secret recipe, cyberjaya
with - me ::ma
menu - chocolate chip walnut :: chocolate indulgence :: french fries :: sky water

on that nite, suddenly ma ngidam wanna eat cake at secret recipe. aku pn join skaki. luckily she just wanna eat cake. its easy to find it. but what if dia ngidam yg pelik2 mcm daging unta masak merah ka or kuih keria kaa..mana nk cr weh tgh2 mlm tuh..hahah..


if you know u have only 10 days before you die, what will you do ?

perghh..seriously im speechless..blur. what question is this?
i really dunno what exactly i want in my life . .
ape yg aku kejar sbnrnye ni ek ..
duit ?? name ?? or harta ??

ya Allah, aku pn x tau ..
is it im too obses with my own work.
smpai aku lupe everything around me.

yeap.true . . ! im crazy with my work.
once i start working . .
i will ignore everything
yup..everything . .
HIM [Allah swt] . . family . . friends . . me . .
huh damn me !


J.J.C.M [part 1]

JJCM stand for jalan jalan cari makan, the exact title for this entry . .

time - 3 Aug 2008
place - batu pahat <> muar <> tangkak <> melaka
with - me :: sulisa :: her bf

at 1st we went to naz wedding. then went to my place, my hometown muar. im pitty with sulisa's bf cuz kn interview with my parents. hahaha.. terkulat2 dia kt situ.after that sulisa wanna buy some fruits. abih segala buah-buahan tempatan dia sambar. dr duku ke cempedak ke durian sume dia beli. then her bf wanna buy belacan ler pulak. hahaha..lawak weh. gile dorg ni mmg suit wif each other. da bantai main taram traditional plus tempatan aje. if you go to melaka, the 'wajib' thing that you should do is ' melawat tmpt2 bersejarah'. even we are wearing baju kurung, jalan still ttp jalan. tired?? penat?? exhausted?? sakit kaki?? . . no need to mention laa.. along the way back to kl me and sulisa totally pengsan. luckily we had the most coolest driver thr.aku ngan lisa??? . . hahah..bukan takat tido2 ayam jek weh. kitorg da smpai tido style kalo gajah lalu kt tepi pastu kene bom pn mmg confirm x kn dgr punye laaa...hahahah..
time - 16 Aug 2008
place - batu pahat <> ayer hitam <> melaka
with - me :: ara :: bella

2nd trip, again BATU PAHAT in the house. this time lina's wedding,my schoolmate when i was in standard 2 until form 1. bese laa aku akan org nomad. uhuh..after 10 years, at last i meet them again after all.

3 pic above on the left hand side, me ara and bella sj menggedik dpn pelamin. saba bella saba..masa mu akan tiba jua. duduk pn da mcm ala2 pengantin daa tuh. btw practise make perfect ! ahaha..

the pic below, i'm not going to elaborate. I'll let the pics do the talking. Enjoy!

time - 31 Aug 2008
place - keramat [kl jek]
with - me :: maa :: naa :: iwe :: naa's niece

3rd trip , kenduri kawin abg eidaa. long time no see eidaa!!! this time totally lawak. normally kenduri kawin start at 2 till 5 or 5.30 rite. but then wanna know wat time we came?? tepat time org nk solat maghrib. hahah..khemah sume da pack. nasi beriana pn xde daa weh. hahah but luckily we had another special hidangan for us. series time tuh mmg lapa. even malu2 tahap kambing when we wanna enter the house, but still lapa ttp lapa. hehe..thanx to eida cuz layan kitorang mcm pengantin ari tuh. at 9++ we decided to go home. but still sempat lg tuh mkn chicken chop near to eida's house. hahaha.. perut msg2!!*geleng pala*

time - cant remember !!!
place - putrajaya
with - me :: ara :: zetty :: mira :: safura

the last pic here actually we went to see fireworks at putrajaya. saje suke2 sbb xde keje. hehe and for those small pic there, the things that i bought at jonker walk during 2nd trip with ara and bella. why 3?? naa..just keep it by myself. *smile*


happy raya

hope its not too late for me to wish
' happy eid mubarak ' . . & . . maaf zahir dan batin .
cewah da mcm salam perantauan le plak kn. haha . .

its been long time i havent updated my blog. as usual makin nk dekat raye makin bz ngan keje. ok lets not talk bout work here. hurm, so how about ur raya. mine ?? erk 3 word i would say here . .
B E S T . T A P I . P E N A T . .

best cuz for sure at this time we can be gathered along with the family . penat cuz cleaning up the house mcm nak pengsan. mop lantai + vacum + cuci here cuci there + basuh sana basuh sini . and luckily part masak memasak aku x include. just amik contract for cleaning the house only. huh sound like cuci2 services mcm dlm film CUCI plak. hehe . .

ok, here's a few picture when i was on raya. enjoy !

one thing mende wajib yg aku buat when i was at home. having a fight with my niece. huh kalo aku x dengki kt dia, dia yg dengki kt aku. kalo dia x dengki kt aku, aku yg dengki kt dia. and usually we will be ended with this :-
qis : x nak kawan ngan acik ana . dengki ! dengki !
me : x nak kawan sudah !!!

sounds like x patut kan having a fight with 3 years old kid. huh tp duli ape haku. hahaha . . sure will miss her after this..(";) actually got too many things happen during hari raya. but then x larat nk story sume. ok need to stop here cuz tomorrow i need to work. haih !! btw again . .

p/s : actually i think i got another 2 entry which i owe before. will update it soon if and only if i have time. hehe..