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some people say i must stand for my own decision
some people say i have to be more strict
some people say sumetimes i need to be selfish
and what say you ?

the other part of me say
supposedly at this moment u have to be in surau
doing terawih and rajin2 kan diri mengaji tp . .

me say
. . tp currently im listening my winamp
bkk lagu kuat2 so that i cant hear anything

sorry but cant help it

no need to think too much
ignore others


Ajleaa said...

patut arrr xnmpk ko kat surau...ala aku pun ade gak rongak2 terawih bese la, tu menunjukkan hati ko mude bile dah hati tua baru laaaa gi mesjid kan...hehehe

~rukia_kuchiki said...

tension je bunyi... byk keje ke? kesihatan ok?

p/s : slmt puasa pnoh..x pnoh x leh raya!! ahaha

SundaeCone said...

ed - hahah..aku sntiasa awet mude weh.hahaha..weh later we'll go terawih together2 laa..

ima - bkn takat bunyi jek ima..mmg betul pn tension.uhuh..kesihatan?? still ok..=)

p/s: slmt puasa pnuh too..*wink*