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my office

im not going to elaborate it. i'll let the picture do the talking. Enjoy !

after lunch

close up sket

last year punye card raye tuh weh

my officemate yg sengal. hahaha . . at this time we are just
playing around.
lazy to work. no mood of working now. uhuh . .

k lela posing sakan. hehe..suit with our theme for today
my future neighbour after this.

ops oh yaa..yesterday mawi, ekin and nabil had a shooting near to my office..sorry mawi, im too busy to take a picture with im scared ekin will get jelous because of it. i dun wanna create another controversi after this. hahaha...giler poyoooo !

*bajet cm aku ni puteri sms ke mawi nk sgt take a pic with me*


hadi said...

waahhh.. meriah btoi... ketupat tergantung disana sini.. :p

kad raya? hehehe ntah dah lama mana aku x dapat kad raya..

laa mawi ekin n nabil ada.. depa shooting untuk raya punya ka? hehe

Mr Dino said...

mawi?? oh tidaaakkk!! NOOOOOOOOOO~~

SundaeCone said...

hadi - uhuh tau xpe. meriah x br half pose. wait till da smpai ujung2 sure lagu raya sntiasa psg jek.

not sure dorg shooting for wat?

dino - hahahha..nape? peminat setia mawi kaa??