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:: crazy ::

hahahahaha...lawak giler dowh. berebut guy yg same. ceh bajet cm fahrin ahmad tuh knl ngan kitorang jek. ni laa namenye bdk2. bese laa x matured. kalo bleh sume artist sedunia ni nk di buat bf. hahahhahhaha...

p/s : to ara -> eh ara bkn x minat daa ke ngan fahrin tuh. kate skrg minat kt iqram dinzly. kire oke laa tuh perak same perak. ana lak johor same johor .... hahahahhahaha


having a very bad headache rite now. its weird cuz ttb jek feel like this rite after finish my conference meeting with melaka team. im not sure what cause of this. is it because of . . a. burden of work ?
b. less sleep ?
c. tension ?
d. too many things to think ?
e. exhausted ?
f. semua jawapan di atas ..
going back home sharp on the dot. seriously x thn. smpai jek umah x tunggu ape trus tido. but then when i woke up, rs mcm pala ni tgh burning out. panas semcm . . plus the pain is still there . .

haih what is going here ?

my office

im not going to elaborate it. i'll let the picture do the talking. Enjoy !

after lunch

close up sket

last year punye card raye tuh weh

my officemate yg sengal. hahaha . . at this time we are just
playing around.lazy to work. no mood of working now. uhuh . .

k lela posing sakan. hehe..suit with our theme for today
my future neighbour after this.
ops oh yaa..yesterday mawi, ekin and nabil had a shooting near to my office..sorry mawi, im too busy to take a picture with im scared ekin will get jelous because of it. i dun wanna create another controversi after this. hahaha...giler poyoooo !

*bajet cm aku ni puteri sms ke mawi nk sgt take a pic with me*


some people say i must stand for my own decision
some people say i have to be more strict
some people say sumetimes i need to be selfish
and what say you ?

the other part of me say
supposedly at this moment u have to be in surau
doing terawih and rajin2 kan diri mengaji tp . .
me say
. . tp currently im listening my winamp
bkk lagu kuat2 so that i cant hear anything
sorry but cant help it
no need to think too much
ignore others

sound of music

when u read u begin with A B C
when u sing u begin with do re mi
doa deer a female deerrea drop of golden sunmea name i called myselffaalong long where to runsoa needle put in tradelaare not to follow sotia drink with jam and bread
that will bring us back todo


hari ini datang lagi
i received 5 messages from the most important ppl in my life today which makes me feel * hohoh*
05:03 am - ayah ~ For the world you are someone, but for someone you are the world.Life can give you hundred reasons to cry, but you can give life a thousand reason to "SMILE". May all days ahead be blessed ones for you. AMIN! Happy Birthday !
08:36 am - mak ~hai happy b'day to my little girl. i wish you selamat panjang umur, murah rezeki n always sakses. i lv you

10:29 am - klong
~happy birthday ana! May this year bring u more happiness..and hope u'll find ur mr right! hehe.. semoga pjg umur, murah rezeki dan dirahmati Allah s.w.t
06:54 am - inaz
~Morning . . Hepy b'day ana . .semoga pjg umur n murah rezeki.. cpt2 cr bf . . hehe
02:01 am - wan
~happy birthday kak cik!! Sweet 24 . .! dah tua weh. . g kawin r . . hekhekhek . .

to all my frens thanx a zillion for the wishes. x kira laa through frenster, myspace, hp, ym, blog, and even through me directly face…