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ubat oo ubat

this is wat happen on the last week. haih laa doktor. bg ubat mcm laa aku ni kene demam panas. flu pn nak kene mkn ubat yg warna nya colorful mengalah kn smarties ke? ayah lak dok bebel srh amik suplement lbh. dia ckp lifestyle aku da jd cm batman. mkn ntah ke mana.if i remember then mkn laa.but normally kalo da penat tuh, tido trus lupe nk mkn. tido lak jgn ckp. sumetimes more than 8 hours aku bantai tido. and kdg2 2 jam jek per day. mcm mane laa asik slalu feeling not well. haa..tuh ayah aku yg ckp. yup..not bad huh skali skala ayah bebel. but still cannot defeat mak laa. hehe..(";)

cant wait for the next week. why ?? cuz i have already apply leave for 2 days. lame ke?? jap jek. if my boss dun wanna approve my leave, i plan im gonna take EL or shud i just take leave on my own? huh buat mcm company sndiri jek. but then LIKE I CARE ! *ngeh3 jahat gile*. if they wanna fired me because of this matter i just dun really care. aku da x kisah da. ape nak jadi, jadi. wah terlebih sudah. (";)

2 in 1

erk..cant see ??
u shud come a bit closer . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . .
. . .

btw suke2 aku jek kn . .
event da lepas berzaman
br teringat nak wish
but then . .
better late than never, aite ?