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life is wonderful

by jason mraz
It takes a crane to build a crane It takes two floors to make a story It takes an egg to make a hen It takes a hen to make an egg There is no end to what I'm saying
It takes a thought to make a word And it takes some words to make an action And it takes some work to make it work It takes some good to make it hurt It takes some bad for satisfaction
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle Ah la la la la life is wonderful Ah la la la la la
It takes a night to make it dawn And it takes a day to make you yawn brother And it takes some old to make you young It takes some cold to know the sun It takes the one to have the other
And it takes no time to fall in love But it takes you years to know what love is And it takes some fears to make you trust It takes some tears to make it rust It takes the dust to have it polished
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful Ah la la la la
It take…

awet mude

its been soooooo long i haven't updated you blogspot. im soooooo lazy to change layout and everything. after all i've been very busy this lately. busy wif my sis engangement and of cuz my job. let u know bout my schedule :
my sis engagement ceremony [ 25 May ]outstation - need to duty on the registration day plus meet the new president [ 27 - 28 May]family day [ 7 June ]duty again on the registration day [ 8 June ] .week 3 after the registration day. must be hectic for me on the invoicing part. plus k naj is not there as usual. sure after this invoice jd tonggang terbalik laa.sorry yek students ..;paiyak..wish there is more thn 24 hours per day. and summore i wish i have PA [cewah da mcm artist le plak] to assist me in everything i do x kisah laa keje ke or personal. serious weh cuz if i've been toooo busy dgn keje, smpai kan ari pun aku bleh lupe dowh. all in my mind is just work . . work . . and work . . and sumetimes i choose to sleep rather than eating. waaa berat bdn a…

s e 7 e n

1. the youngest DAUGHTER in my family2. only my primary school frens call me anod. dorg ckp 'ana' is too feminime for me
3. x suke makan sayur except kobis, kacang pjg and kang kung. coselow tuh dikira sayur ke??
4. still kept my bantal busuk since i was form 2.muahaha
5. sgt blur dlm tafsir lirik2 lagu ni6. im so penakut
7. my weight x penah cecah 40kg ke atas
1. Allah swt
2. dead
3. losing ppl that i love
4. all type of amfibia
5. dark
6. ghost story
7. [cant tell anyone.let it be a secret. shhhh..]


1. tata young - cindarella
2. jason mraz - lucky
3. jason - life is wonderful
4. yovie and the nuno - menjaga hati
5. chemistry - it takes two
6. sampai syurga - faizal tahir
7. hanya kau yang mampu - aizat


1. ooo ye ke
2. okok
3. orite no prob
4. poyoo jek
5. blah aa
6. tau xpe
7. agak2 le kot


1. family
2. friends
3. my laptop
4. my job
5. my future first car- myvi here i come

game I

wanna play a game . . check this out
. . . . . .
. . . . .
. . . .
. . .
. .
Mengira tarikh lahir dan ketahuilah personaliti anda. Contoh: 28/8/1980 == 28 + 8 + 1980 = 2016
maka, 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9 . Nombor = 9 (Jadi nombor lahirnya ialah 9)
1. Ketulenan Hadir dengan idea baru. Memperolehi sesuatu dengan cara yang tersendiri Golongan ini merupakan yang paling jujur dan boleh mempelajari dengan baik teknik diplomasi.Mereka suka mengambil inisiatif dan suka menjadi yang terbaik dan kebiasannya adalah pemimpin atau boss. Bekerja sendiri merupakan pilihan terbaik merekaPerkara yang perlu dipelajari: Idea dan pendapat yang lain mungkin baik atau lebih baik. Berfikirlah secara terbuka.2. Pendamai
Dilahirkan sebagai diplomat.Mereka selalu memikirkan dan peka terhadap keperluan dan perasaan orang lain sebelum mengambil kira dirinya sendiri. Secara semulajadi sangat analitikal dan suka mengikut gerak hati.Mereka tidak suka bersendirian. Persahabatan adalah penting buat mereka dan berupaya mendorong…

c i n d e r e l l a

by tata young

When I was just a little girl
My momma used to tuck me into bed and she read me a story
It always was about a Princess in distress
And how a guy would save her and end up with the glory
I'd lie in bed and think about the person that I wanted to be
Then one day I realized the fairy tale life wasn't for me

I don't wanna be like Cinderella
Sittin' in a dark old dusty cellar
Waiting for somebody, to come and set me free
I don't wanna be like Snow White waiting
For a handsome prince to come and save me
On a horse of white, unless we're riding side by side
Don't want to depend on no-one else
I'd rather rescue myself

Someday I'm gonna find someone who wants my soul, heart and mind
Who's not afraid to show that he loves me
Somebody who will understand I'm happy just the way I am
Don't need nobody taking care of me
I will be there for him just as strong as he, will be there for me
When I give myself then it has got to be, an equal thing

I don't wann…

labor day !

its labor day time ! yeah . . da tentu2 laa kitorang yg da keje ni wajib + must + kene = cuti . actually almost 3 month i think, aku x jumpe momo and juju,if im not mistaken laa . .last jumpe time aku demam x kebah2 tuh . .but then this time mmg da planning nk jumpe . .and plus ade org tuh nak banje . . so mmg lagi laa kene wajib jumpe . heheh..thnx to juju !

ok alang2 da jumpe ni kan, me and juju were planning to celebrate birthday momo and laa asik kene delay jek but no more for this time. we need to proceed to the plan or else mmg x celebrate laa smpai bile2. ye laa birthday momo bln 1 while ed bulan 3. tp bln 5 baru nak celebrate. mmg delay yang amat but who cares. hahaha..yg lawak nye lakonan aku ngan juju mmg mantap need script2 ke hape weh.just main bantai tibai jek. 1st aku ngan ed smpai kt mvalley then nmpk juju n momo da tunggu kitorang kt situ. then kitorang trus proceed kt tmpt mkn " FLYING CHILLIES "

mmg before this we already discuss on the…