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p u z z l e

where is the missing pieces in my puzzle ?


hadi said...

pembetulan.. bukan piece tp pieces sbb dalam pic tuh ada 2 keping yg hilang.. dari soalan ang tuh tanya kat mana hilang puzzle puzzle ang tuh, aku pun x tau p mana..

tp aku ada satu soalan..
puzzle puzzle ang yg hilang tu apa maknanya? kekekeke ops!

PastaCheeze said...

uik..x pasan aku..uhuhu..

let it be a secret..!cewah da mcm siti nurhaliza le lak.hahah..bese laa otak tgh mereng ni...uhuh..;P

~rukia_chan said...

i'm sure it's out there somewhere, certain ppl might keep it for u for a while, waiting for u to search and come to get them urself.. haha..gila ah ala2 sastera plak

p/s : cuti hr tuh ima bli jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces. buat ngan adik..4 hr 4 mlm br siap. pastu bli frame..letak kat bilik..lawa gila.. bangga nih..hehe

PastaCheeze said...

perghh ima. da jd cm ala2 A.Samad Said ek...uhuhuh...

dasat aa..dpt complete kn puzzle tuh within 4 days only.huh nmpk sgt tgh xde keje tuh..hehe..