oh my . .mampu kah aku?

under stress !! dgn workload yang ntah bile nak abih and plus i got another bad news last week which is related with my job. plus i was mad with my boss which is also related with my work. oh my...mampu kah aku?
at this moment im totally messed. workload yg terlampau makes me feel like " argghh . . i had enough ". currently im handling module for insurance + library + student trust fund + web application . need to maintain all those module system and that is not included with requested from the user about the new system. plus i need to update the user manual for each module. *sigh*.for the web application they are using jdev which im not familiar with. need to study from the beginning one by one. nasib baik ade senpai2 yg sudi ajar and be patient with me. ye laa if i was them kalo sekali tnye i think it still fine. tp lau da ajar berkali2 x phm2 gak aku pun hangin weh. but luckily they are not.wondering if im too slow or they are too fast. *sigh again* . 3 days straight im jus focus on the web application smpai aku rs cm nak muntah. i feel like i wanna kick who is the one who create jsp languange. sangat laa x suke with the languange. ssh nak catch up laa.
2nd things is k naj told me that the management still din get the new employee who will gonna take her module after she resign which means that im the one who will take over her module for temporary. rs cm da jatuh kene hempap ngan tangga . . batu . . kayu . . tu sume. honestly i dun think that i can handle this. keje skrg pun aku da tonggang terbalik weh. how im gonna maintain the bunch of the module at the same times. oh my . . mampu kah aku ? . . im speechless. hoping that they will find sumeone as soon as possible. please . .
last thing, i really . really wanna punch my boss's faces. he thinks that my system is not practical for the user. erk rs cm nak ckp suke ati aku laa weh ! when he says about that his hand pointed his brain which is likely telling me that " please use your brain when u create the new system ". duh. . sgt down at this part. rs cm useless sgt2. oh my . . mampu kah aku ?
there are days every now and again i pretend im ok


MisS ``rEa~ said…
hehehe kes teruk my fwen sowang neh...x leh ckp ape sbb yg rasa awk sndri org len leh tgok aje...

jus wanna tell u sumthin laa dear..

tu sume ujian tuhan...Allah x kan bg sesuatu yg kite x mampu tahan...dia dah ukur sesiap dah kemampuan kite..then lepas dpt byk hal yg have to settle dia nk tgok kite stilllg igt kt dia ke tak...

selawat bebanyak...1 kali selawat kt nabi..seploh kali Allah selawat kt kite...haa Allah yg selawat means Allah yg mensejahtera kan kite..kompem kite leh selamat...
PastaCheeze said…
thanx a lot . .
really need dat!

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