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Finance Malacca !

Yup my old department before i move here.. actually td tgh belek2 pen drive and saje jek laa nak clean up all files2 yang x diperlukan lagi. suddenly i found this. haha.. straightly gelak besar when i look at it..check this out . .

haha..mmg xde keje. look at my pc..siap tgh bkk email tuh weh..
haha..i really dun understand wat exactly we are doing. and thanx to sheena again cuz she's the one who take the pic.
really enjoy the moment. my 1st job at my 1st department. at this time from the pic u can tell that im not ready yet to start working in the real working environment. still want to play2 around same like i was a student before. haha..even when i feel stress with the job here, the tensed is diff. i dunno y..maybe that time i dun take a big responsible like i do now.BIG thanx to en NAN cuz taking care the three of us, me :: dz :: sheena
i can tell that we gain a lot of experience from you !


zangguras said…
hehhe.. enjoy btoi ang time kerja neh!! :p siap mkn mkn lagi tuh.. hehehhe biasa aa zaman perlaihan dari student ke kerja.. skrang dah matang x lagi nih? haha
PastaCheeze said…
skrg??heh..2x5 jek..uhuh..tp tahap skalar richer untuk ketensenan semakin bertambah..;P
Anonymous said…
oit ko dah len ar skang,,,more matured nampak...

PastaCheeze said…
ko bior btul weh...maybe dlm pic jek kot.in reality ish3 masya Allah..hahah..;P
Sheena said…
Hehe....i also enjoy that moment, print student ledger till late nite, doing aging process till mid night....Haha...hving u guys (Ana and DZ) around, make me feel happy...
PastaCheeze said…
do come visit me at cyber. then we can hang out together..miss yaa!!~

u tk care!!

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