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. s. u . n . w . a . y .

sunway ! ! here we come..hehe..actually da lame gile wanna write bout this entry but im totally blur how im going to start it..huh..ok on 13 feb ara asking me " nak join pi sunway tak ? ? " and of cuz the answer is " NAK LER IKUT ". on 16 feb [ saturday ] bertolak laa kami dari sini pada pukul 8.30 pg. semangat x !!..ngeh3..ada 7 org yang join for this time trips which are bell + ara + zatty + fatin + mira + safura + me ..heh like the fellowship of the ring kan ! although this is the 1st time i knew them except ara, tp semuanye slumber jek xde da cm aci malu2 kucing.hehe..nmpk jek air trus gedebush !! x toleh kiri kanan depan blkg atas bawah dah..
7 things happen during this trip
  • kene halau by security guard cuz main kt tmpt bdk kecik. haha.. but then we all maintain cool jek.
  • dgn muke x tau malu pegi tolong sorg adik tuh tanam kn diri kt dlm pasir. ntah anak sape laa tuh weh..
  • jumpe erra fazira with her husband but we just ignore her.. ceh bajet laa kn.
  • play all the games except yang sampan ngan bola laju tuh. x sanggup den weh.. i still love my life.hahah...
  • first time me and ara naik tomahawks. cant imagine it but tell u wat we all just keep silence xde jerit2 before tuh segala ayat2 quran sume keluar laa.siap mengucap tuh. hahaha.. mmg sgt x tahan at this part. the pic below sbgai bukti kitorang naik ek..
  • pegi da tentu2 laa basah sbb main water park kan..but then masa blk pun berbasah juge sbb hujan. mmg x leh selamat daaa..
  • bertolak dari cyber kul 9 pg..smpai cyber kul 10 mlm..

tersgt ler penat plus sakit bdn tuh. but i truly enjoyed it. satu part jek yg x besh..mknan kt situ masya Allah x sedap lngsng. series weh..time tu rs maggie curry sgt diperlukan.haha..i keep complaining the food thr non stop. but then x sedap2 pun sume licin wooo..look at the pic below. sure korg dpt imagine betapa x sedap mknan itu.
esoknye bgn dlm keadaan sakit2 bdn. siap lebam tuh weh..adehh..!!

p/s : time on next trip we go together2 ok.. ! ! sure lagi happening . .


it's not easy to be me part II

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10 modes i feel rite now..uik..the title is quite similar to one of my fav movie,10 things i hate about u..ngeh3.. totally messed plus serabut pala otak ni haa..ok fullstop. need sume motivation.need sume fresh air. need to go back to my hometown mencari damai yang hilang.cewah..ayat x agak2 tuh.

ayahanda da bonda, tunggu lah kepulangan anakanda mu ini yek. totally out of my mind and a bit ting tong ! cm nak ketuk jek pala kt dinding kasi betul sket...uhuh..


11:45 p m

its' been long time i haven't updated my blog..huh long time laa sgt kan..!

btw at 1st i wanna write bout sumething else.but suddenly i have no idea how to start it. blur training for 2 days i guess still effecting me. yeayeayeaa.. already 11:45pm but im still awake.

hailoh cik ana
when u wanna sleep ni.
tommorrow u have a meeting laa
better get prepared or else........ nagging with myself again..

actually baru teringat pilihanraya da nak dekat kan. and guess what this is my 1st time to vote.aci x ingat laa kn. look and read this...
ni lah anak2 zaman skrg. x penah nye nak series..haha..but then u are rite the time im voting, i look at the calon cm ala2 ensem gitu baru masuk on my listing. if not aku wat undi salah jek nnt.haha..jus joking ! ok for those who are still not sure whether u are already registered or not u can check at this link
im getting sleepy. da menguap for many times already. hmm..i think i shud go now. anyway last but not least . .
psstt..mcm jadi wakil rakyat le lak..cewah .. poyooos jek !

solat vs tido

ouch . . mmg kn batang hidung sndiri . .
sumetimes we are prefer sleeping rather than praying. just take this as an example. after we are back home from work and for sure at that time we feel very exhausted either mentally and physically. the level of 'tiredness' mmg berada pada tahap scalar richer yang plg rendah. heh im talking bout me of course. and then blk2 jek, all i can see is just my katil + tilam yang empuk + my bantal ..penat yang amat smpai tertido and almost forgot that ' aku x solat lagi rupanya ' . . so in the end solat dlm keadaan yang x khusyuk cuz wanna catch up my tido . . this is usually happen at 2 times which are subuh of course and asar . .yeah i know, my bad. but im trying hard to change it. berusaha untuk melawan..still in the process of learning to be a good muslimah yang sejati. cewah !
fake it till u make it. Rasulullah pun pernah kata ada antara amal yang kena dipaksa sebelum jadi darah daging .
one of my favourite quote that is taken from 5 tahun 5 bulan . all the single of words makes me thinking and wondering, what if my parents didn't forced me about the important of solat. rasa sgt bersyukur at this part. but like i said before im not perfect cuz im still improving myself.
p/s : x sangka boleh tulis about this entry. huh aku bagi tazkirah kt diri sndiri ..dasat ! and btw credit to seni kehidupan cuz of the nice pic.


f i n a n c e

Finance Malacca !

Yup my old department before i move here.. actually td tgh belek2 pen drive and saje jek laa nak clean up all files2 yang x diperlukan lagi. suddenly i found this. haha.. straightly gelak besar when i look at it..check this out . .

haha..mmg xde keje. look at my pc..siap tgh bkk email tuh weh..
haha..i really dun understand wat exactly we are doing. and thanx to sheena again cuz she's the one who take the pic.
really enjoy the moment. my 1st job at my 1st department. at this time from the pic u can tell that im not ready yet to start working in the real working environment. still want to play2 around same like i was a student before. haha..even when i feel stress with the job here, the tensed is diff. i dunno y..maybe that time i dun take a big responsible like i do now.BIG thanx to en NAN cuz taking care the three of us, me :: dz :: sheena
i can tell that we gain a lot of experience from you !

it's not easy to be me

currently im listening to keep holding on by avril lavigne..actually this past few days aku rasa down. almost 7 month jadi sendiri makin jadi x betul upside down. tekanan keje yang terlampau i guess..keje yang banyak till my mind stuck and cant do anything suddenly. balik rumah pun still keep thinking bout it. how i need to solve solve that...mind yang x penah berhenti berpk membuatkan aku rasa penat..yeah penat sgt2..ikutkan hati yang tengah serabut ni mmg da ade niat untuk resign..[this is not the 1st time i said it] but akal yang rasional always win..thanx a lot akal..heh ! I need to be strong..!
You're not aloneTogether we standI'll be by your sideYou know i'll take your handWhen it gets coldAnd it feels like the endTheres no place to go you know I wont give inNo I wont give in.
Keep holding on'cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it throughJust stay strongCause you know i'm here for you, i'm here for youTheres nothing you can say, nothing you can doTheres no other way when it comes to the truthSo keep holding onCause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through.
So far away I wish you were hereBefore it's too late this could all disapearBefore the doors close, this comes to an endBut with you by my side I will fight and defend i'll fight and defend yeah yeah.
Hear me when I say, when I sayI believe nothings gonna change, nothings gonna change destinyWhat ever is ment to beWill work out perfectly yeah yeah yeah yeahLalalalalalala...