nostalgia nite

this entry actually continue from the previous entry [ alpha till now ]. nak story sket bout that pic below. geng masa aku study for degree. still keep in touch until now even masing2 already have their own life.

pic 1 : momo [ k long ] pic 2 : ed [ k ngah ] pic 3 : juju [ ucu ]

momo,works as system engineer at one of the company IT based in mid valley. currently she's doing the system for CIMB. ed plak works at her hometown, kuantan pahang. basically keje dia psl nak beli rumah, geran tanah and if u guys berhajat nak beli rumah di phg sila laa contact cik kak ni ek. haha..but make sure before 14 feb cuz after dat she wont be working thr anymore. she will be accompany me cyber as assistant manager. even diff department but who cares, she still here.haha..for the last one juju, rite now works as programmer i think, at damansara. kalo da name nye programmer wat else i can say selain psl coding2 ni kan heh. and as for me, being a system analyst is the thing that i never thought it before.even masa study dlu if others asking me what i wanna be, straightly said ' saya nak jadi network engineer ' . kalo mmg rezeki and da tertulis siapala kite untuk menolaknya.huh ayat x agak2 tuh..and then mana la tau i can be PM Malaysia after this ke..hehe. we never know, am i rite..? semua ni kan kerja Allah S.W.T ...;P

ok back to the main point, wat i can say here cpt gile masa berlalu. nostalgic le plak mlm ni kan. nevermind..layaaaann [ tiru ala2 fara fauzana in melodi ]..full stop ..

the waves can wash it away
but the memories never fade away


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