favourite place . .

This is half of the area in my bedroom at cyber..terasa feel like in the office le plak kan.. that was admit by my housemate, ila and maa. they all says " da mcm office da bilik ana ni "..haha..tp mmg betul laa tuh kn.

the place that im usually used to chatting.. blogging.. downloading.. dreaming.. watching.. ect.even i can stand to sit here for the whole day..uik penipu sgt laa tuh kan..naik kematu kot..heh..! look at the right side..yeah that was my new laptop that i bought it last week. cool huh?? heh..jus joking but i like it damn much..my black new laptop wif my black new desk..why the color is black?? this is because . . .

H I T A M itu K E U N G G U L A N

and btw please dun get confuse..actually black is not my favourite color ok...but this time why i choose B L A C K ? ? ...even me dunno how to answer it.hurm..maybe it looks like really cool for me..heh.. !


momoe-kawaii-des said…
aku taknak teringin sgt nk tgk laptop, tak teringat sgt nk tau pasal speaker.but im intent to eat the choco on ur desk! arghhhhhhhhhhh
PastaCheeze said…
heh..by the time u came here..the choco is not thr anymore..yang tinggal hanyalah botol shj..*wink*wink*
clz8403 said…
uik..uik..1st of all.. i would like to say that u..gile kose..heheh...hahah..nak ckp gak macm tu..siap beli meja baru tuh....silap2,tdo pun peluk labtop.. =P
PastaCheeze said…
muahaha..hampeh ko lisa..meh laa visit aku kt sini..leh ko tgk laptop baru aku..haha !~

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