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Actually on 10 Dec me and my family were going on the vacation. Kire ala-ala family gathering laa gitu. da lame giler x pegi holiday.And as for me, this vacation is rewarded to myself as i have working hard along this while.
place - 2nd airport, beijing
time - not sure the exact time but maybe around 6 ++ am

Suddenly snow flake on the 1st day we arrived. Rasa jakun giler and at the same time felt happy because i had a chance to see it by myself. Alhamdulillah!! . . during that time mmg sgt dan amat laa sejuk. Honest x tipu . uhuh tp main tetap main . . nak wat cane kate jakun . hahah . .
place - the summer palace

The temperature here around -6 to 3 degree celcius. Please focus on the lake in the pic above. Terlampau sejuk sampai tasik pun beku. can you image how cold we are. uhuh
place - pearl place ( not sure the exact name)

Who love pearl, raise up you hand please? hehe This is the right place for those who are crazy about pearl. But then for me it's quiet expensive here. B…

Islamic New Year

Hari Maal Hijrah atau Awal Muharam adalah suatu hari yang penting bagi umat Islam kerana ia menandakan dua peristiwa penting yang berlaku dalam sejarah Islam.
1. Memperingati penghijrahan Nabi Muhammad dari kota Mekah ke Madinah pada tahun 622 Masihi
2. Merupakan hari keagamaan di mana umat Islam mengadakan solat sunat di masjid-masjid di seluruh negeri
Doa Awal Tahun

Maksudnya: Allah SWT berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad SAW, ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat baginda dan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka. Wahai Tuhan, Engkaulah yang kekal abadi, yang qadim. yang awal dan ke atas kelebihanMu yang besar dan kemurahanMu yang melimpah dan ini adalah tahun baru yang telah muncul di hadapan kami. Kami memohon pemeliharaan dariMu di sepanjang tahun ini dari syaitan dan pembantu-pembantunya dan tentera-tenteranya dan juga pertolongan terhadap diri yang diperintahkan melakukan kejahatan dan usaha yang mendekatkanku kepadaMu Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Agung dan Maha Mulia. Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha penga…

tag 2

phew..there is a lot of request from my frens that i need to do. yeah2 i know . . i know . . i owe one entry regarding my vacation. uhuh no worries i will story later. but rite now let me do the tagged from miss ima 1st. ok ima here we go.. :P

1.what are u wearing right now?
blue shirt with blue pants
2.what (is)are your favourite colour?
b.i.r.udulu kini dan selamanya . .
3.who is your first best friend?
wait aa.i think 1st..
ahh yes his name is close frens when i was in standard 1. haih wondering where is he now?
4.any book that you read currently?
yup. currently i read kebun mimpi by noor suraya,syud & rnysa
5.anyone that you miss currently?
rite now? hmm x dak kot..hehe
6.what is your favourite tv shows?
amazing race (asean) and bolos saja dinding ituuu...ahaha
7.3 things that you are passionate about:
travelling + reading + sleeping. yeah i like. ehehe..
8. one word to describe yourself:
kecik and comey. muahahahah..sure ramai yg da termuntah daa tuh..:p

shah's wedding

time - 31 Nov 2008
agenda - shah fitri's wedding
place - malacca
with - me :: ed :: ill :: aya :: eida

1st of all
' selamat pengantin baru' and congratez to shah
one of my buddies back in mmu.

by the way i still remember, i'm having quiet high fever when i was in final year. during that time i'm not able to eat anything except bubur mc d. makanan lain confirm aku muntah balik. mostly all my close frens knowing this fact.dorg siap ckp aku ni demand tinggi. haha blame me for that. and shah is one of them yang ssh payah beli kan aku bubur mc d malam yang aku demam tu. *smile*

so here's some of the bride and groom pic. enjoy !

again congratulation for both of u
hope to hear about shah's junior soon
peace !

p a r c e l

something happen in the office today
it really makes me feel worse
one word I would say
[ da laa aku ni rendah. bile mcm ni lagi rasa rendah ]

around 3.30pm
suddenly i got called from HR dept
they want me to collect something
i feel weird
they say it's kind of a parcel
i feel more weird


then i smile back again

ukhuwwah itu ibarat sebuah rumah
tak perlu cantik
tak perlu mewah
yang penting
kita bahagia di dalamnya

tag 1

tagged by juju

1. What are you wearing?
:. t shirt and pants with my fav black sweater

2.What did you do last night?
:. sleeping

3. Favorite Memory with significant other?
:. my graduation event

4. Last gift received?
:. key chain and pashmina

5. Describe the last picture you were in?
:. on the bus going to LMI training

6. Last thing you ate?
:. karipap and donut

7. Last thing you drank?
:. mineral water

8. What kind of underwear are you wearing?
:. *weird face*

9. What was your best vacation?
:. somewhere at

10. What are you most looking forward to in the next vacation?
:. nice view

11. What is happening around you?
:. bz working

12. What is your shoe size?
:. 4

13. Last event you dressed up for?
:. im simple & messed person

14. What is the most cheap thing you bought?
:. rm0.10 beli gule2 dpt 3 when i was a child

15. What is the most expensive thing you have on right now?
:. my fav nike shoe

16. What is your favorite smell?
:. not sure.depends on my mood

17. Is there something you really want to buy right n…

10 celebrity crushes

btw this is just for fun. dun take it seriously . . =P well for this entry.just want share with you about my 10 celebrity crushes . . check it out !

1. jonathan brandis
crush di zaman kanak kanak. ahaks!

2. orlando bloom
try to watch pirates of carribean & lord of the ring
u will know it . . =P

3. nicholas tse
sumetimes he is macho
sumetimes he is comey
watever it is saya suke . . ;)

4. fahrin ahmad
lelaki melayu terakhir

5. rain
totally cute ! kn . . kn . .

6. chad michael murray
he always look calm

7. david beckham
muka bapa mithali

8. lee dong wook
handsome kn ?!

9. tetsuji tamayama
serious faces

10. farid kamil
sometimes he looks sweet for me

well, my list changes from time to time. it is not permenant and of course it can go longer than this . hahahaha
1. i just thought to hibernate till next year but then ramai sgt yg da bertanya. hehe. hope this updated entry will make you relief . . *smile*
2. to juju -> tagged mu akan di buat within this week. insya Allah . . uhuh
3. to ima ->…


tgk laa meja aku. huh mmg x dpt diselamat kn lg. hohoh . . actually it's quiet long enough i havent updated my blog. lebih kurang ala2 pra hibernisasi laa ni . . too many things need to tell. but i really dun know where or how to start it . . naaa just keep it by myself.

lately i ate alot. x tau laa kenape. selera makan yg melampau i guess. haha . .

hurm . . erm . . emm . . hmm . . * garu pala*
ok enough. im stuck here.
maybe its time for me to hibernate for awhile.
i dun think i cant write anymore.
and im not sure
when will i come back from my hibernate.
till then . .
enjoy ur life there !

thanx to ed & maa for this lovely present . . :P

i need to find my way back home back to the place, the wonderful days living the life i used to know


for the 1st time im updating my blog in the office. it's not that i have no work to do.melambak jek keje tuh need to check here and there. maybe its just that i have no mood of working rite now.

ok fullstop. lets not talk about work here. feel like i wanna puke everytime i think about my work. uhuh..naaa..actually i love of what im doing rite now.its just that maybe today is hari membenci kerja sedunia pada ari ni . . =P

see the pic above. actually im moving to izzi's places. saje laa suke2 explore into his pc. hahahah..lawak dowh. sume lagu2 zaman dahulu kala tuh.hahah..then i found all bsb song. uik giler lame da x dgr bsb ni .

hehe i just remembered that i was a fan of bsb. its started when i was in form 2. haha zaman2 tuh mmg totally lawak yg poyoo. quiet fanatic laa juga smpai sanggup balut buku sek using their poster. at that time i was closest with naz, azela and subathra. kire lau nk pi mane2 kitorang berempat laa. me and nas minat nick carter . . azela suke brian . . su…

knock knock

comey isnt it ?
. . cant wait for december . .
insya Allah

.:: a b s s u ::.

i dream about him.
the weird thing was
we were using 'awk - saya' instead of 'aku - ko' in my dream
i really dun remember
what's the dream was all about
but there was you and me in dream
then i woke up
its 10.38 am
my dream just fade away
and me
back to the reality

J.J.C.M [part 2]

time - 19 Sept 2008
place - Village View, Bangi
with - me :: ed :: momo :: korie :: faris :: suhaimin
menu - nasi putih :: ikan bakar :: ikan siakap sweet sour :: kailan :: sotong goreng tepung :: tomyam ayam :: sate kajang :: sirap limau :: oren

by the time we wanna break our fasting, there was some fight between the customer and the waitress. actually im a bit pitty with that waitress and that customer was just too rude i think. even that waitress made sume mistakes but then for me it's a fasting month plus a lot of customer there. bwk2 ler bersabar pakcik oii..we all know the tag about ' customers is always right '. tp agak2 laa kn. the funniest things is, when i was too busy watching them, korie also busy warning me . .

korie : ana..ana..da mkn ana..
me : [ still ignore and busy watching them ]
korie : ana..da mkn..buke pose !!
me : haaa!! ok2..

if im still look at them, silap2 pakcik tuh pn emo kt aku gak..ggrrr !!
time - cant remember but still on the fasting month
place - mela…


if you know u have only 10 days before you die, what will you do ?
perghh..seriously im speechless..blur. what question is this? i really dunno what exactly i want in my life . . ape yg aku kejar sbnrnye ni ek .. duit ?? name ?? or harta ??
ya Allah, aku pn x tau .. is it im too obses with my own work. smpai aku lupe everything around me.
yeap.true . . ! im crazy with my work. once i start working . . i will ignore everything yup..everything . . HIM [Allah swt] . . family . . friends . . me . . huh damn me !

J.J.C.M [part 1]

JJCM stand for jalan jalan cari makan, the exact title for this entry . .

time - 3 Aug 2008
place - batu pahat <> muar <> tangkak <> melaka
with - me :: sulisa :: her bf

at 1st we went to naz wedding. then went to my place, my hometown muar. im pitty with sulisa's bf cuz kn interview with my parents. hahaha.. terkulat2 dia kt situ.after that sulisa wanna buy some fruits. abih segala buah-buahan tempatan dia sambar. dr duku ke cempedak ke durian sume dia beli. then her bf wanna buy belacan ler pulak. hahaha..lawak weh. gile dorg ni mmg suit wif each other. da bantai main taram traditional plus tempatan aje. if you go to melaka, the 'wajib' thing that you should do is ' melawat tmpt2 bersejarah'. even we are wearing baju kurung, jalan still ttp jalan. tired?? penat?? exhausted?? sakit kaki?? . . no need to mention laa.. along the way back to kl me and sulisa totally pengsan. luckily we had the most coolest driver thr.aku ngan lisa??? . . hahah..bukan ta…

happy raya

hope its not too late for me to wish ' happy eid mubarak ' . . & . . maaf zahir dan batin . cewah da mcm salam perantauan le plak kn. haha . .

its been long time i havent updated my blog. as usual makin nk dekat raye makin bz ngan keje. ok lets not talk bout work here. hurm, so how about ur raya. mine ?? erk 3 word i would say here . .
B E S T . T A P I . P E N A T . .

best cuz for sure at this time we can be gathered along with the family . penat cuz cleaning up the house mcm nak pengsan. mop lantai + vacum + cuci here cuci there + basuh sana basuh sini . and luckily part masak memasak aku x include. just amik contract for cleaning the house only. huh sound like cuci2 services mcm dlm film CUCI plak. hehe . .
ok, here's a few picture when i was on raya. enjoy !

one thing mende wajib yg aku buat when i was at home. having a fight with my niece. huh kalo aku x dengki kt dia, dia yg dengki kt aku. kalo dia x dengki kt aku, aku yg dengki kt dia. and usually we will be ended w…